God level scene! Jolin Tsais ugly Beauty World Tour

 God level scene! Jolin Tsais ugly Beauty World Tour

Qingcai group reunited and Wu Qingfeng showed up in surprise to sing classic works; full marks

On New Years day, Jolin Tsai invited Wu Qingfeng, a ghost writer who had been a good friend for many years, as the first concert guest. This is also another cooperation between the two after singer. Wu Qingfeng, as the author of the main song strange beauty in the album ugly beauty, this surprise concert is of great significance. They sang each others classic works rewind and little love song on the spot. Although it was the first time for them to sing each others classic songs, they had a good understanding of each others singing on the stage, and they often looked at each other and hugged each other. The little love song is sung for Jolin, said Wu Caiyilin is more tacit response: see Qingfeng singing want to kiss down. The fans shouted: good friendship! Talk link, Greeny Ng also incarnated the cold shoulder, he said Jolin looked like neck is not very comfortable, the shape is like a face mask, repeatedly poked Jolin laugh point, also attracted the laughter of fans, the atmosphere of the scene is cheerful, high, showing the friendship and understanding of the two.

Sing the classic suite with fans to welcome the new year

In order to celebrate the new year with her fans, Jolin Chua kindly postponed the concert on December 31, 2019 to 21:30. At the special request of fans, Cai Yilin, a favorite fan, specially added five classic works selected by fans such as pretending and not for sale in the lyric chapter. Cai Yilin arranged the songs in a new way and gave them as a special New Year gift to fans, which is worthy of being the goddess of favorite fans!

On the night of the new years Eve, Jolin Tsai also appeared on CCTVs new years stage. The two classic songs of the sun never sets and the strange and beautiful were burned together, which made the party reach the first climax. Then at 21:30, the concert continued. As it was approaching 12:00 in the morning, the countdown flashed on the big screen. Jolin Tsai still kept singing. With the singing of watch me 72 changes, a huge number of color bars fell in the air, and the atmosphere reached its peak in an instant. In the general atmosphere of the celebration, Jolin also expressed his deep love to all fans: as long as you are around me, I think its worth it!

I want to put this script down gently

Jolin Tsais ugly beauty concert was officially launched on December 30, 2019. The concert is divided into orphan, indifferent desire, broken heart, innocence, fragility and inner hero. The six theme chapters imply the 20-year journey of Cai Yilin. Looking back at his debut, Cai Yilin said: I always live in a role, which is set to be mediocre. Ive been trying to please and fight, never doubting. Because the fans are encouraged and accompanied along the way, Cai Yilin bravely came over and confessed, if you want to put down this script gently, you can tell yourself that I am beautiful now, I just want to do what I want to do now, I think this is the trace of growth, I spent 20 years to come here.

In order to cooperate with the six chapters, Jolin Tsai appeared in various shapes, such as the queen of evil, the queen of blood and the God of strange beauty. One of the most eye-catching is a skull with a sense of technology at the beginning. Wearing a golden robe, Cai Yilin stepped on a huge skull and jumped off the seven story swing to ignite the scene instantly. It is worth mentioning that only a group of classic lyric songs were presented in the concert, and the rest were all fast songs and hot dances, which not only tested Cai Yilins endurance and physical strength, but also showed her strong stage control. Voice line upgrade, breath upgrade, posture upgrade, the whole process is too beautiful to breathe! The audience couldnt help but call.

Cai Yilin, who has always been brave and innovative, has also designed the stage as a strange and beautiful Art Museum. According to different chapters and sections, he has built up as many as 18 kinds of giant props, ranging from giant heads that break through the visual senses to rabbits and white horses in the zoo Department, from the electric sky curtain falling from the sky to romantic and gentle neon balloons. Every detail on the stage is as delicate as art works It can be called one of the highlights of the concert. And the wonderful stage feast also got positive praise from fans, this stage is really amazing. Its a show that shakes the whole universe!

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