Li Xians sword Dynasty: perfect transformation and interpretation of the spirit of Chivalry

 Li Xians sword Dynasty: perfect transformation and interpretation of the spirit of Chivalry

The sword Dynasty regained the original intention of martial arts and set off a new trend. Li Xian started the war of justice and reversed the ending

The sword Dynasty is a three-dimensional and realistic adaptation of the protagonists growing experience, which combines the clues of family, friendship and love. In the finale, Ding Ning and changsun light snow embrace each other to perform the kiss of the century; Ye Zhen (Yao DI) takes changsun light snow away and seriously injures her, lost lover Ding Nings grief is the white head of love; Ding Ning does not kill Yuanwu in the confrontation in front of the palace, leaving only a sentence you are the king, should still be peaceful for the people and then turns away The unexpected ending of the big reversal is very shocking, and it has also successfully shaped a high-energy and constantly different story. Ding Ning, from persisting in eliminating evil and revenge to caring for the common people of his family and country, finally determined to protect the original intention of Xia, always sought the morality and justice of the Jianghu and the world through his own unique way.

The fighting scene in the play is also very wonderful. It can remove the mysterious and mysterious color from the original work and show the real fighting skills of martial arts. Action will be real and thrilling skillfully integrated, according to the character characteristics and plot needs to design, each martial arts play has a different style, the martial arts play held by the sense of solemnity and excitement show incisively and vividly. In the end, the duel between Ding Ning and Ye Zhen is also poignant and beautiful. The martial moves are flowing, the sword is striking, the senses are burning, the adrenaline of the audience is stabbed, and a chivalrous Jianghu with traditional martial arts aesthetic and cultural flavor is created.

The emotional power of the sword Dynasty shows a strong chivalrous spirit Li Xianchis inspirational words about the growth of all living beings

With the development of the plot and the in-depth characterization of the characters, the sword Dynasty shows the spiritual core of benevolence and righteousness through the huge world view framework, the complicated relationship between the characters and the ups and downs of conflict reversal. Li Xian becomes a young hero who knows justice step by step. His sentence our hatred is insignificant in front of all the people in the world is undoubtedly the best interpretation of martial arts spirit and the most important flash point of the play. Taking sword culture as the carrier, the pattern of each sword and the layout of each scene show the unique charm of sword culture. In addition, profound historical elements are integrated into the production details such as clothing, Taoism and photography. The sweeping parts of the lens reveal the charm of oriental classical aesthetics. Each character in the play makes different choices when facing the fate test, reflecting the analysis and interpretation of human nature from the side, and describing the growth of all living beings. On January 4, sword Dynasty ushered in the final outcome, looking forward to witnessing the final battle of a comfortable Jianghu.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming, nv5736