Tongxis 5-point victory over Shanghai Joseph Yang 41 + 1 McCallum 35 + 6

 Tongxis 5-point victory over Shanghai Joseph Yang 41 + 1 McCallum 35 + 6

Data statistics:

Tong Xi: Yang 41 points 8 assists, yabusailai 23 points 8 rebounds, hadadi 9 points 18 rebounds 7 assists, Song Jianhua 13 points, Qiao Wenhan 12 points 6 rebounds.

Shanghai: McCallum has 35 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists, mutai Yunus has 23 points, 14 rebounds and 3 assists, Dong Hanlin has 21 points, 12 rebounds and Luo Xudong has 11 points.

Match related: Tongxi 9-14 ranked 14th in the scoreboard, Shanghai 8-15 ranked 16th. In the past five times, the two sides competed with Shanghai four wins, occupying the upper hand, and both teams lost in the competition.

Game replay: in the first quarter, hadadi scored twice in attack, Luo Xudong fought back, Yang Motai and Yunus played three points and one return, hadadiqiang built the first free throw line of Motais foul, Dong Hanlin dunked, Song Jianhuas fast break layup was successful, Yang scrammed to throw in a middle distance, Qiao Wenhan took three steps slowly and easily scored two points, Yang got two penalties, hadadi grabbed two rebounds in a row, the first At the end of the festival, Tongxi 26-18 is ahead of Shanghai.

In the second quarter, with the help of Xi San, yabusailai made a three-point catch-up, Dong Hanlin made two free shots and slammed the dunk in the back basket, he Jingjia made another 2 + 1, Yang yabusailais foreign aid made a wonderful connection and cooperated with the dunk, McCallum made two consecutive mid-range shots, he Jingjia made three free throws in the whole, mortay scored four points in a row, Yang grabbed the shot and put it in the basket, yabusailai made a big hat to protect the backboard He Jingjia injured Luo Xudong by mistake and made a foul. Motais top three points narrowed the gap to five points. At the end of the first half, Tongxi 62-58 was ahead of Shanghai.

Yi Bian fights again, Yang Gan scores three points, the attack efficiency of both sides is reduced, hadadi has two penalties, Yang fights back three points, mccarram makes Joe Wenhans foul line on the layup, the score continues to rise, Yang Qiantu makes another foul free throw, yabusaileys three-point hit at the bottom corner, mccarram plays alone, Shanghais one wave of counterattack brings back the suspense, and Shanghai leads 28-27 at the end of the third quarter.

In the last quarter, when meldan was attacked and fouled, McCallum equalised the score with a 2 + 1 score. Song Jianhua made a three-point hit on the flank. He Jingjia got the layup. The scores of both sides took the lead alternately. Qiao Wenhan got two penalties. Song Jianhua couldnt hold the three-point score. Yang Zhongli shot, Dong Hanlin dunked hard, Yang got another 2 + 1 score, Wang Rui scored three points empty. The match ended, and Tong Xi defeated Shanghai 111-106.

Starting from both sides:

Tong Xi: Song Jianhua, hadadi, Qiao Wenhan, Yang, Wang Rui.

Shanghai: Luo Xudong, Zhang Chunjun, Motai Yunus, Shi Yuchen, Wang Tong.