The illegal profit of community Secretary exceeds 300 million: the old mother listens to the government patrol to stand guard for him

 The illegal profit of community Secretary exceeds 300 million: the old mother listens to the government patrol to stand guard for him

Recently, 37 defendants, including Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju, who were indicted by the Feicheng Procuratorate of Shandong Province, were convicted in the first instance of Feicheng City Court on suspicion of organizing, leading and participating in underworld organizations. Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju were sentenced to 25 and 20 years respectively.

The case was also officially identified as a major case with deep concealment, great influence and political aura.

Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju were brought to court.

Forcing the Secretary of the community Party committee to resign and take the throne by himself

Zhang Chen, who is less than 40 years old, was once famous in Xintai, Shandong Province, according to the procuratorial daily. Many years of crimes have accumulated a bad reputation, which made the local people talk about Chens color change.

In order to avoid the attack, Zhang Chen found himself a legal coat. In June 2010, Zhang Chen took over his fathers work in Qingyun community of Xintai City and served as the assistant director of the neighborhood committee and director of the demolition office.

In December of that year, Zhang Chenhe and others went to Qingyun Community Party committee after drinking to make trouble, forcing the former party secretary and director of the neighborhood committee who had just been in office for less than half a year to resign. In April 2011, Zhang Chen served as the director of the neighborhood committee of Qingyun community and joined the party in June of that year; in June 2012, he served as the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Qingyun community and presided over the work in an all-round way; in September, he sat on the throne of the Secretary of the Party committee of Qingyun community as he wished.

After working in the community, Zhang Chenli used his long-term accumulated bad name to gradually form a psychological compulsion on the members and staff of the two committees of the community, and took advantage of his position in Qingyun community to control the community subordinate units such as Xintai Xincheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Qingyun community patrol team and Qinglong Road market patrol team, turning Qingyun community into his ownu201c Home and world .

In April 22, 2012, when Zhang Chen handled the disputes at the new site of the new world, he gathered the members of the two committees of the Qingyun community and the patrol units under the community to take the weapons to the construction site, commanding, beating others, and injuring 11 people. Afterwards, the victim was coerced to agree to mediation, and no one member of the community was finally prosecuted.

Qingyun community became famous in the first World War, so far, the underworld organization led by Zhang Chen was formed.

Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju are in court.

9 households are deprived of all community benefits

Zhang Chen was honored as secretary and master in the organization, and his mother Zhao Wenju was honored as old lady. Soon after the formation of the organization, Zhao Wenju took advantage of Zhang Chens mothers identity to intervene in community affairs and direct the implementation of illegal crimes. Her Yuchun hotel also became one of the gathering places of the organization. According to the members of the organization, Zhang Chen has the final say, the highest level; the second level should be Zhao Wenju, Zhang Chen, everything is discussed with Zhao Wenju, Zhao Wenju is behind the scenes.

At the end of 2011, 9 community residents in Qingyun community jointly reported the demolition problem, which implied that Zhang Chen and her father had the problem of illegal crime. However, the report letter fell into Zhang Chens hands.

Then, under Zhao Wenjus collection and command, Zhang Chens family members and the community staff who were ordered by him, together with the so-called defame Zhang Chens reputation 9 community residents and relatives, carried out such acts of retaliation as abusing, beating, intimidating, damaging property, splashing feces. Moreover, on June 25, 2012, Zhang Chen issued a document in the name of Qingyun Community Party committee, neighborhood committee and democratic consultative and political supervision committee, and decided to cancel all community welfare benefits such as old age allowance, funeral, cemetery, relief, subsidy, etc. for the nine community residents and their relatives with a total of 18 residents from July 1 of that year, resulting in relatives unable to settle down, children unable to enter school, and after death unable to enter Public forest, residential water and electricity for up to two years. Some people are forced to leave their homes. When a victim was questioned by the judicial organ, he cried in tears and said, its a shame to die!!

Zhao Wenju.

Monopolizing the construction of surrounding construction projects, making more than 300 million profits

In the early spring of 2015, Xintai branch of the peoples Insurance Company of China decided to renovate the business outlets according to the unified budget and bidding decision of the provincial company. Only because the company is located in Qingyun community area, the bid winning company and xintaizhi company have been threatened and blackmailed for many times, and they are allowed to carry out normal construction after being forced to pay 60000 yuan of so-called office building decoration engineering waste cleaning and transportation fee and donation of community construction fund. Zhang Chen threatened: on the ground of our Qingyun community, I have to build a chicken house!

In addition, tianyancha information shows that Zhang Chen is a shareholder in six companies, and Zhao Wenju, his mother, is the legal person of four companies, namely, yuchunpin sausage store, Qingyun street, Xintai City, Shandong Taian Chenlong Real Estate Co., Ltd., Xintai Chenlong Property Management Co., Ltd. and Xintai Chenlong economic and Trade Co., Ltd.

Whoever listens to him will join the party

Since Zhang Chen served as the director and secretary, all work should be carried out according to his personal preferences, and many rules have been set for the community. For example, the police office is equipped with a unified rubber stick, walkie talkie, patrol car and uniform. The patrol team should arrange for their home to stand guard and see Zhang Chen must stand up and shout secretary and so on. Whoever performs well will be rewarded, and whoever does not perform well will be punished. Whether this is good or not depends on Zhang Chens happiness or not. Some members of the organization are reused because they are obedient and do what you want. According to the statement of key members of the organization, whoever he wants to join the party will join the party, and whoever listens to him will join the party. This is also Zhang Chens political reward for these people.. Joining the party, such a sacred and important thing, has completely become Zhang Chens means of soliciting, controlling and managing members of the organization.

Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju also got some honorary titles by virtue of the black and white diamond camp. It is understood that all Zhang Chens family have been awarded the title of model worker and have been called model workers family.

In April 2018, in the report hall of Shandong hall, Zhang Chen, as the award-winning representative of model worker of Shandong Province, boarded the rostrum to receive recognition. To this end, he also found a full-time photographer to serve him. During the meeting, another representative next to Zhang Chen asked the photographer to take a picture as a souvenir. Who Chengxiang, because the photographer pressed the shutter more, was beaten by Zhang Chens family members and some Qingyun community workers in 11 ways, such as face slapping, punching, kicking, and batting with a stick.

The Community Patrol should guard Zhang Chens house.

On October 8, 2019, Feicheng procuratorate prosecuted 37 people, including Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju, for 16 charges and 99 cases of illegal crimes, including the crime of organizing, leading and participating in underworld organizations. On December 26, 2019, the Feicheng City Court adopted all the sentencing suggestions put forward by the procuratorial organ. In the first instance, it sentenced Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju, the first offenders, respectively, to 25 and 20 years imprisonment for the crimes of organizing and leading underworld organizations, corruption, occupation, provocation, extortion, obstruction of testimony, illegal detention and forced trading Five years of deprivation of political rights and confiscation of all personal property were also imposed. The remaining 35 defendants have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 19 years to one year and six months and fined in varying amounts, of which 9 backbone members have been deprived of political rights for three years.

[news background

Central steering group for the eradication of crime:

To ensure the momentum, authority and effectiveness of the Shandong campaign for the eradication of black areas and evils

According to Zheng Daojuns inquiry, the time when the underworld organizations of Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju were destroyed was the same as the time when the central steering group for the eradication of crime moved into Shandong.

From August 30 to September 29, 2018, the fifth steering group of the Central Committee of the peoples Republic of China supervised the work of anti crime in Shandong Province. That is to say, during the period of supervision, Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju were taken criminal detention measures.

In October 2018, at the supervision feedback meeting, Shen Deyong, the leader of the fifth steering group of the Central Committee for the eradication of crime, referred to the existing problems in the eradication of crime in Shandong Province, and said that the special struggle for the eradication of crime in all departments was unbalanced, especially the handling of key cases involving crime and crime needs to be strengthened. In terms of in-depth investigation, in some places, the connection between anti Mafia and umbrella is not smooth, and the umbrella behind the dark evil forces is not in place. In terms of organizational construction, some grass-roots party organizations are weak and lax, the education and management of Party members are not strict enough, and the supervision of discipline enforcement is insufficient.

In May 2019, the fifth steering group of the Central Committee for the eradication of crime carried out supervision looking back on Shandong Province. On May 14, at the feedback meeting of supervision looking back, Shen Deyong pointed out that the inspection progress of some major cases was slow, making money and breaking blood was not strong enough, the supervision of key industries and fields was still insufficient, and the mobilization of the masses needed to be deepened. We should firmly push forward the in-depth development of the special campaign for the eradication of black and evil, and ensure that the Shandong campaign for the eradication of black and evil continues to gain momentum, authority and effectiveness.

According to the peoples Procuratorate of Shandong Province, up to now, since the special struggle against crime, a total of 269 people have been approved to arrest and 3904 people have been involved in crimes involving gangs; 1211 people have been prosecuted for crimes involving gangs and 4321 people have been involved in crimes involving gangs.


Is there an umbrella behind the underworld of Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju?

Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenjus underworld organizations have been in the local area for 8 years, and now they are finally destroyed. When clapping, there are also the following problems to be solved.

Is there an umbrella behind the organization? In the past eight years, Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju have committed 15 crimes, and Zhang Chen has many criminal records. He has intentionally injured people and killed them, but he has only been punished for three years. After coming out, he still didnt stop and didnt repent. He also became an official, and the local residents talked about Chens color change. Have there been any reports over the years? If so, why not follow? Will someone press the report? If there is no umbrella, is there a power money transaction?

How to obtain the title of honor? It can be found that many leaders of black and evil forces have many honorary titles, and Zhang Chens family are all model workers. It cant help but reflect on how these titles are selected and whether there is a phenomenon of spending money to buy them?

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