The 34 year old engineer was robbed and chased on his birthday. The gangster was dragged for several meters and died

 The 34 year old engineer was robbed and chased on his birthday. The gangster was dragged for several meters and died

Screenshot of the report (source: World Daily)

Overseas network, Jan. 3 - 34 year old Chinese engineer Zeng Shuo Zeng did not usher in his 2020. One day before the new years day, Zeng Shuos laptop was robbed in a coffee shop in Montclair, California. In the process of catching up, he was towed for several meters by the vehicle driven by the gangster. Later, he was taken to the hospital and died.

According to North Americas world daily, Zeng Shuo was working in a Starbucks store on December 31, 2019. Suddenly, a gangster entered the store and robbed his laptop. Zeng Shuo immediately chased him. The gangster escaped to the door and jumped into his partners car. Zeng Shuo also jumped on it, but the gangster then brutally pushed him out of the car. Zeng Shuos hand still held the car He was injured after being towed by a speeding car for several meters and died after being taken to the hospital.

In an interview with local TV station, a Chinese colleague of Zeng Shuo said that Zeng Shuo was a software engineer of Chinese descent who worked for a local technology company. After learning that Zeng Shuo was killed, his parents were coming from China. Zeng Shuos friends and neighbors recalled that Zeng Shuo was kind, intelligent and hard-working. The day of the accident was his 34th birthday. Peter Tseng, a colleague of Zeng Shuo, said he had arranged with other friends at 7 p.m. to celebrate his birthday at Zeng Shuos residence, but he didnt see him at that time. He was only informed of his death after receiving a notice from the police.

According to the report, Zeng Shuos cousin (not to be named) said afterwards that Zeng Shuos computer may store photos of his recent vacation with his family members, and he would not lose them, so he pursued them: I cant believe this will happen. I dont want people to mourn him as the victim of the robbery, because hes not just a victim. He reads a lot. Hes a scholar. Peter Zeng also recalled that Zeng Shuo loved travelling and photography.

Local police said a home camera in Monterey captured the license plate number of the vehicle the gunman was driving when he escaped. Police have arrested two suspects and still one is not arrested.

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