The case of university student stabbing Didis driver was not pronounced in court

 The case of university student stabbing Didis driver was not pronounced in court

According to the high court of Hunan Province, the public prosecution accused Yang, the defendant, of negative emotions and pessimism towards the world since the first half of 2018, and gradually developed to the idea of suicide because he failed to make firm determination and failed to put it into practice. On March 23, 2019, the defendant Yang Mouqi left the dormitories of the school alone with daggers and other tools, and stayed in an Internet bar in Dingcheng District of Changde city until around 22 oclock that day. He still had no courage to commit suicide. So I want to kill one person first, then commit suicide.

According to the indictment, Chen, the victim, died of heart failure after being stabbed with a single edged sharp instrument. After the defendant Yang Mou Qi in his ex girlfriends persuasion to the public security organs.

Ms. Tian, the wife of the victim master Chen, said in an interview with the Beijing news that the family of the other party had paid tens of thousands of yuan for the funeral, but had not apologized. She said that criminal incidental civil compensation had been proposed, but after communication with the court, she learned that the parents of the other party had no intention of compensation.

After todays trial, Ms. Tian told the Beijing news that as for the civil compensation part, we didnt ask for the specific amount. What we want is an attitude of the defendants family. Just in court, Yang didnt even say an apology.

Later, a reporter from the Beijing News contacted an onlooker who participated in todays trial. He confirmed to the Beijing news that the defendant Yang did not apologize to the families of the victims in court, but only said in the final statement that the court is requested to make a judgment according to law.

u25b2 court scene map. Map / WeChat public number Hunan High Court.

When the defendant commits a crime, he has the ability to limit criminal responsibility. The family members of the deceased ask for the reexamination

Ms. Tian said that the case held a pre-trial meeting not long ago, and the other side put forward the defense opinion that Yang suffered from depression when he committed the crime.

The reporter of Beijing News noted that Yangs mental state had been identified during the investigation stage of Changde police. A notice of appraisal opinion issued by the Public Security Bureau of Dingcheng District, Changde City, provided by the victims family members shows that the Bureau hired relevant personnel to carry out appraisal of mental illness and criminal responsibility ability for whether the appraised Yang was suffering from mental illness, and whether he had criminal responsibility ability when carrying out harmful behaviors. According to the appraisal opinion, according to the materials and examination, the appraised person Yang Mou Qi was diagnosed with depression and had the ability to limit (partial) criminal responsibility when carrying out harmful behaviors in this case.

u25b2 according to the notice of appraisal opinions issued by Dingcheng District Public Security Bureau of Changde City, Yang has the ability to limit (part of) criminal liability when carrying out harmful acts in this case. Picture provided by interviewee

In response, Ms. Tian once submitted an application to the police at the stage of case filing and investigation, asking the police to reevaluate whether Yang had depression and his criminal responsibility ability, but she was rejected for insufficient reasons.

Before the hearing, Ms. Tian said that she would put forward to redo the psychiatric identification in court. After the trial, she told the Beijing News, the opinions of our family members have just been made clear in the court, asking for a new psychiatric examination.

According to the high court of Hunan Province, during the trial, the public prosecution presented the relevant evidence, and the defendant Yang and his defenders conducted cross examination; the plaintiff and his agent ad litem in the incidental civil action presented the relevant evidence to the court, and issued the court opinions; the defendant Yang made the final statement.

The case was not pronounced in court. At the end of the trial, the court declared an adjournment and decided on a later date.

The victim originally planned to go out to work only a few days before leaving Changde

A Beijing News reporter learned earlier that a police officer handling the case said Yang and Chen had no communication or quarrel along the way. Twenty minutes later, it was the end of the journey.

Master Chen stops the car and waits for yang to get off. But the other side took advantage of its unprepared, suddenly picked up the knife that had already been prepared, and stabbed him in the neck, face, arm, etc. continuously, and then stopped after stabbing more than 20 knives. After the event, the staff in charge of the autopsy told the family that the exact number was 24.

In a brief interview with reporters from the Beijing News, Yangs father said he was a freight driver who had worked in other places for a long time and only returned home once a half month. He didnt know why his son did such a thing, and felt that no matter in his family or in his studies, he didnt put too much pressure on Yang. He said he also wanted to know what kind of stimulation his son had that night.

One of Yangs classmates said he would feel blue for a few weeks before the incident. As for the specific reason why he was disgusted with the world, the students could not answer it.

Before being a car Hailing driver, the victim Chen worked in Guangzhou for a long time, and also worked in Bangladesh, Indonesia and other places for power grid infrastructure.

He and his wife met, fell in love and got married from the time they studied. At first, both of them were in Guangzhou. Later, their wife moved back to Changdes branch office, and they began to live separately. Master Chen missed his wife and children. He often came back every other month. His wife asked him to go back to his hometown to find a job.

u25b2 the victim, master Chen (right), took a photo with his wife, Ms. Tian. Picture provided by interviewee

In 2017, Mr. Chen returned to Changde from Guangzhou and bought a second-hand car with a loan of 65000 yuan, starting his life as an online car Hailing driver. At first, he helped people drive trucks in the logistics company, just using the spare time to pick up orders. Later, the companys efficiency was not good, so he began to work as a full-time car Hailing driver from October 2018.

Before the crime, Mr. Chens family was still paying off the car loan, about 2800 yuan per month, only seven months to go. As the two children grow up, the couple plan to save money together and buy a house in two years. So master Chen plans to go abroad to work again.

He failed to go abroad at once because his passport expired. Waiting for a new passport, he plans to go to Guangzhou for a few months after Qingming Festival, and then go abroad in June and July.

In fact, he had been told by friends to work together for a long time. He was reluctant to let his family and children go, and he had been procrastinating. His family said that he would have left Changde for the Qingming Festival and left his job as a car Hailing driver, which was only a few days away.

Master Chen has two sons, the oldest is 18 years old, and the youngest is less than 5 years old. Before the court session, Ms. Tian told the Beijing news that after her husband was killed, her family had no main labor force. She took her two children and two old people to live together, life is very hard. Fortunately, she said, with her sisters company, its better now.

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