Gezhouba real estate, a state-owned enterprise, is alleged to have illegally subcontracted to more than 700 owners

 Gezhouba real estate, a state-owned enterprise, is alleged to have illegally subcontracted to more than 700 owners

No matter who is right or who is wrong, it is our more than 700 owners who suffer in the end. On January 2, looking at the property construction site that had been shut down and did not know when to return to work, several owners told the upstream news reporter that they had been informed of the delay in delivery, but the current situation is difficult to guarantee that they can get the house when it expires.

In this regard, developers and builders said that they had filed a lawsuit in the court, and the competent authorities have stepped in to investigate.

On January 2, the second phase of the building located in Gulou District, Nanjing has been shut down.

Complaints about shutdown of high-end residential quarters for half a year

Located in Heyan Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, zijunlan park is developed by China Gezhouba Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Gezhouba real estate), and invested by China Merchants Group real estate Holding Co., Ltd. The first phase a of the property is under the general contract of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, the second phase C is under the general contract of ZTE Construction Co., Ltd. and the third phase D is under the general contract of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau. The property is also the first one developed by Gezhouba Nanjing real estate Co., Ltd. in Gulou District, so it has attracted much attention. According to the local real estate network information, the average price of the property is 38000 yuan per square meter.

According to the official website information, China Gezhouba Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is a core member enterprise of China Energy Construction Co., Ltd. and one of the first 16 central enterprises determined by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council to take real estate as the main business.

Since 2018, after the delivery of the first phase of the property, due to the defects in the quality of the house, the decoration materials of the hardbound house are inconsistent with the contract, and termites appear in the new house, etc., which have been repeatedly complained about. The commodity building under the general contract of ZTE construction in phase II was originally delivered on September 30, 2019. At present, due to the dispute between the developer and the construction party, it cant be delivered, causing nearly 700 owners to safeguard their rights again.

Several owners told the upstream news reporter that Gezhouba Nanjing Real Estate Co., Ltd., a developer, had previously said that due to construction problems, it was unable to hand in the house on time, and the agreed delivery time was extended to 2020. It has been 2020, and the main structure of the house has not been completed. In the later stage, it also involves various projects such as house decoration and community greening. One year has been very tense. Now the real estate is still in a state of shutdown. Even if the later stage is back to work, how to ensure the quality of the house? The owners said.

Upstream journalists saw at the construction site of the third phase project of Lan Yuan in Zijun that the external main part of at least four residential buildings was in a state of shutdown, and the scaffolding and protective net of other buildings had been removed, but the external walls and houses were still in an unfinished state. The gate of the project site is locked. There are not only no construction vehicles in and out, but also no workers on the site. Only a few workers are watching the site.

The left behind workers told the upstream news reporter: in the middle of 2018, it started to shut down, often asked by the owners. Its said that there is a contradiction between developers and builders, and the details are not very clear.

Upstream journalists also learned that, in addition to the second phase of construction by ZTE, the third phase of the plot contracted by the second construction bureau is also in a semi-stop state due to the problem of independently subcontracting earthwork with developers.

u25b2 on January 2, the upstream journalists saw that the pouring part had been tilted.

Developers say builders are raising prices and delaying construction

Upstream journalists noted that although the construction site has been shut down, the sales work of the sales department is still continuing. The salesperson said they got the news that they would be able to hand over the house in September 2020. And real estate agents say they are expected to receive internal information that they will not be able to deliver until the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. Whether the real estate can be delivered on time is not guaranteed by the real estate and intermediary sales personnel at present.

Zhu Lin, deputy manager of Customer Relationship Department of Nanjing business division of Gezhouba Group, said that there are more than 700 owners in the second phase of the project, and it is expected to hand over houses in September 2020. The reason for the delay in delivery is that ZTE construction has been shut down since the beginning of 2019 due to the rise of raw materials. After coordination, and two times to pay for additional works before resumption of work. In September 2019, ZTE construction again shut down without permission. In October, we asked him to leave, but the other side refused, and there was a conflict. Its mainly ZTE construction that stops us from taking over. Zhu Lin said.

Zhu also said that Gezhouba real estate could not comment because the relevant dispute had been submitted to the court for trial, waiting for a fair judgment of the court. If the delivery is delayed, it can be handled according to the sales contract.

The builder argued that there was a problem with the project subcontracting

The upstream journalists noted that according to the letter of acceptance issued by Nanjing public resources trading center on March 30, 2018 with the bid section number of acl160101-05sc, the winning bidder of the project is ZTE Construction Co., Ltd. According to the contract signed between Gezhouba real estate and ZTE construction, ZTE construction is the general contractor of the project. The contract includes earthwork, pile foundation, main structure, decoration, greening, fire protection, etc.

Cai Xinsong, the business manager of ZTE construction, who is in charge of ZTEs construction project, said that the delayed delivery of the project was not what the developers said. In the second phase of ZTE construction project, although it is a general contract in name, in fact, before the construction of ZTE construction, the developers separated and subcontracted the earthwork, pile foundation and decoration of the plot. During the construction of the independent subcontracted earthwork project in the early stage of the developer, the management was out of control. Since the commencement in 2018, there are still 5000 cubic meters without excavation and transportation in two years.

In the early foundation engineering, there are safety problems in the developers dismembered and subcontracted pile foundation and enclosure. The actual construction does not conform to the approved design drawings. At present, some engineering piles do not meet the construction requirements. In addition, the Gezhouba real estate of decoration, doors and windows, curtain walls and other projects has not been arranged to enter the site so far, resulting in the failure of internal and external painting, these are the main reasons for the delay of construction period. Cai Xinsong said.

The upstream news reporter saw at the construction site that there was a fracture of the retaining pile, some of the steel bars were exposed, and one of the retaining piles was inclined due to the inconsistent width. Cai Xinsong pointed to the retaining pile with inclined fracture on the pit wall near the 23 building with 17 floors in total height, and told the upstream news reporter: the developer not only excavates illegally, but also demolishes the supports that should not be demolished in advance. The construction of the retaining pile is seriously inconsistent with the plan, with an inclination of 1 meter. Due to the fracture of the retaining beam in the south side, the foundation pit is seriously deformed, and the ground collapses and cracks. At present, only a small amount of excavated residual soil in the pit is used for support.

The upstream news reporter learned that in the previous construction, two collapse accidents had occurred in the pile foundation project of the developers dismemberment subcontract, especially the earth collapse accident on the morning of April 20, 2018, which also caused the site construction workers to be smashed. Fortunately, no injuries were caused.

Cai Xinsong said that in the case of construction safety risks, Gezhouba real estate had forced earth excavation and construction of the main structure of the foundation. In this regard, ZTE construction has repeatedly negotiated with Gezhouba real estate Nanjing business department to require developers to eliminate potential safety hazards. The developer has not only not paid for the project, but also has not paid for 105 million of the project so far. During the shutdown period, ZTE construction and Gezhouba real estate put forward reasonable demands for the delay of earthwork and the hidden danger of safety and quality of pile foundation, which made it impossible to enter the next working procedure and seriously affected the construction period. But Gezhouba has not received a clear response so far.

u25b2 on January 2, the left behind workers said that they were afraid to continue construction because the retaining pile was broken.

Early subcontracting is alleged to be in violation of the Construction Law

On the one hand, Jiangsu Zhengyi Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. did not carry out the construction according to the regulations, laying many potential safety hazards; on the other hand, there were many subcontractors, the general contractor did not have the supervision power, and the project funds of the subcontractors were paid directly by the developer, which eventually led to the escalation of conflicts. Cai Xinsong said.

From February 2018 to September 2019, several copies of the project supervision meeting minutes obtained by upstream journalists were issued by Nanjing Gongyuan Construction Supervision Consulting Co., Ltd., a project supervision company. It shows that Gezhouba had already entrusted the pile foundation construction part to Jiangsu Zhengyi Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. for construction before ZTE construction entered the site. Since March 2018, in the regular supervision meeting, ZTE construction and Gezhouba real estate have repeatedly proposed that Jiangsu Zhengyi Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. has problems in construction period and quality. As of September 2019, some problems have not been effectively solved.

According to several minutes of the meeting, in addition to the foundation pile construction subcontract to Jiangsu Zhengyi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., earthwork has also been outsourced to Shoucheng earthwork.

The upstream news reporter learned from several experts in the construction industry that according to Article 24 of the construction law, the contract awarding unit of the construction project can contract the survey, design, construction and equipment procurement of the construction project to a general contractor, or one or more of the survey, design, construction and equipment procurement of the construction project to a general contractor contracting unit. However, a construction project that should be completed by one contractor shall not be divided into parts and awarded to several contractors. Therefore, before signing the general contract, Gezhouba real estate has obviously violated the laws and regulations by subcontracting the earthwork and foundation works in advance.

As for the early subcontracting, Zhu Lin said in an interview with upstream journalists that the pile foundation project is indeed not ZTEs construction, but denied the existing quality problems. Cai Xinsong said that the situation had been reported to the competent authorities in accordance with the procedure.

u25b2 on January 2, the upstream journalists saw in the project office that the door of the data cabinet had obvious signs of prying.

All martial arts is staged by robbing materials

On December 15, 2019, the contradiction between developers and builders escalated. According to the on-site video, about 7:00 p.m. that day, hundreds of people wearing security uniforms, helmets and shields broke into the construction site. After the intruders required all the workers to go outside the dormitory, they began to search the office and dormitory area. Later, it was confirmed that the personnel in security uniform were Gezhouba real estate personnel.

The left behind workers said that most of the data in the dormitory and office area were robbed by Gezhouba personnel, and the door lock of the data cabinet was smashed. All the engineering technology, construction, regular meeting, construction visa and other materials of the project are stolen. Cai Xinsong said his guess was to avoid ZTE submitting evidence against Gezhouba real estate in the lawsuit. At present, the police have stepped in to investigate.

In addition to the construction data, it also includes the statistical table of the workload of workers. Including the statistics of overtime work and daily work. Because there is no backup, the workers wages cannot be paid normally. Cai Xinsong said that Gezhouba owed a total of more than 26 million yuan of workers wages.

Other arrears can be settled through communication or legal means. I hope Gezhouba can pay us the wages of the workers in arrears first. Cai Xinsong said that due to the issue of workers wages, it has been reported to relevant departments in Gulou District and the situation has been reported to the competent authorities.

For ZTEs allegations, Zhu said she did not know and would reply after verification. However, up to the time of publication, the upstream journalists had not received a response from Gezhouba real estate.

u25b2 on January 2, the upstream journalists saw in the project office that the project publicity map occupied most of the wall.

Competent department has stepped in

The upstream news reporter learned that because Zijun Lanyuan is the first real estate project developed by Gezhouba real estate in Gulou District, Nanjing, it has always been concerned. Since August 2019, a large number of people have complained through the mayors mailbox and the 12345 government hotline due to frequent quality and late delivery problems.

Relevant person in charge of Nanjing Gulou construction project quality supervision station said that after receiving ZTE construction complaints about safety and quality problems, he actively communicated with both parties, and then due to the fact that there was a shutdown, and in consideration of the safety of on-site construction, according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, he has issued the procedures of suspension of safety supervision for the project. At present, there is no result in communication between the two sides, and relevant departments have stepped in to deal with it. Nanjing Gulou District construction project quality supervision station said.

The person in charge also said that ZTE construction reflected that the foundation pit cracking did exist in April 2018 and the deformation was within the controllable range. At present, the foundation pit has been backfilled, and there is no potential safety hazard for later construction. Now there is a deep conflict between the two sides. If we return to work, no matter who the construction party is, we will strictly control the quality of the project. In fact, for us, the work of late stage supervision is more severe. The person in charge said that after the resumption of work, safety and quality will be supervised, mainly including whether the construction period is reasonable and whether there is illegal rush to work.

Provided, however, that the project can be resumed as soon as possible to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the owner. The person in charge said that legal proceedings had been initiated or that the issue would be properly resolved.

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