1 death and 1 injury caused by persuading alcohol during the duty of the security director

 1 death and 1 injury caused by persuading alcohol during the duty of the security director

Recently, Mr. Hou, who lives in Longgang, Shenzhen, asked for help, saying that his son, Xiao Hou, was still ill in bed and could not walk because of alcohol poisoning caused by drinking with his colleagues during the night shift. And Xiao Hou had a colleague, Xiao Zhang, who died because of the wine company

Xiao Hou is a security guard of the splendid Huatian building in Longgang, Shenzhen. He told reporters that at 7 p.m. after patrolling several times, the security director of the building invited him and another security guard Xiao Zhang to drink together in the monitoring room. Xiao Hou said that he seldom drinks alcohol at ordinary times. At first, he refused, but later, the captain of the security guard joined in. After being advised a few more words, he was not easy to shirk. Later, Xiaohou went to Meiyijia supermarket next to the real estate and bought two bottles of 43 degree, 500 ml white wine for 30 yuan.

Xiao Hou said that after buying the wine, the security director and the security captain thought it was too cheap to drink at the liquor store. He and the security guard on duty Xiao Zhang soon drank one bottle by themselves. After the two drank a bottle of white wine, Xiao Zhang, a colleague, went to the convenience store to buy two bottles of the same kind of white wine with 55 degrees and 500 ml to continue drinking. At this time, Xiao Hou had lost consciousness. At 2 a.m., Xiao Hou was sent to Shenzhen Longcheng hospital and was diagnosed with moderate alcoholism. The hospital said that at about 1:20 a.m. before Xiao Hou was sent to the hospital, the security director and the security team leader sent Xiao Zhang, the security guard on duty, to the hospital. Unfortunately, Xiao Zhang had lost his vital signs at that time.

Mr. Hou said that now his son still cant walk. After the accident, the person in charge of the real estate only paid 5000 yuan of medical expenses in advance, and also sent a Notice of termination of labor relations to Mr. Hou, which made him very dissatisfied. The reporter also called three people, including the security director and the relevant person in charge of the property. Two calls were unanswered. The other person who answered the call said he did not know the relevant situation. The reporter learned from Longgang police that after the incident, the police basically ruled out the possibility of criminal cases after investigation. As for this matter, some lawyers think that because there is no direct connection between drinking and night work, it is difficult to identify the injuries suffered by Xiao Hou as work-related injuries, but persuading alcohol to cause personal injury to others should bear legal responsibility.

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