What is the most appropriate art education? Fangting and Scarab

 What is the most appropriate art education? Fangting and Scarab

How to protect childrens artistic talent? Fang ting and beetle teach you to enjoy artistic charm

In order not to let children lose in the starting line, in recent years, there has been a phenomenon of art class fever in China. Every weekend, parents take their children to all kinds of art classes. Some even pay tens of thousands of yuan for a place in an art class. But according to an authoritative survey, children are able to persist in learning some art all the year round, mostly because of pressure from parents and teachers. Why does parents aesthetic education in the end become the burden and pain of their children? In this interview, Fang Ting will also discuss with Liu Chunyan and Wang Anrong the key elements for children to enjoy art.

The crown of the princess, the thick eyelashes, the background of the starry sky At the scene, Fang Ting shared the childrens graffiti masterpiece for the first time. She said that the core of art education is to bring fun to children. Even if you cant provide professional guidance for your childrens painting, you should learn to respect their inborn artistic talent. As Liu Chunyan said, art education is not equal to skill training. In fact, basic art education can also be integrated into learning and life. To this end, she organized and launched the beetle International Childrens Art Festival, and encouraged parents to provide children with some artistic family activities similar to the family Spring Festival Gala. Wang Anrong brought interesting drama teaching methods. Just a piece of ordinary cloth can stimulate childrens N kinds of imagination.

What is drama teaching method? What other family activities can create an artistic atmosphere for children? The answer lies in the large-scale family education program teaching guide you Fang broadcast on 11:00 pm on Saturday, January 4. Lets follow Fang ting to protect childrens artistic talent!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie