Smile to resolve the suffering 4K repair version of beautiful life officially released

 Smile to resolve the suffering 4K repair version of beautiful life officially released

Netease Entertainment reported on January 3 that the most tender World War II film about the great fathers love, beautiful life, met the audience today (January 3) with the appearance of 4K HD restoration. Whether it was at the Cannes Film Festival premiere 22 years ago, the audience stood up in tears and clapped for 12 minutes, or today it is ranked at the top 6 on Douban with a score of 9.5 points, all the fans are looking forward to the remake of the classic film. There will always be a movie that you want to review every other time, beautiful life is definitely one of them. beautiful life is regarded as the movie you must watch in your lifetime . Today, a classic clip of good morning Princess has been released.

A great father, a romantic husband, makes a familys beautiful life

In Nazi concentration camps, Guido was forced to separate. Dora, a wife of no Jewish origin, insisted on taking the train to the camp, where she knew nothing about her husband and son. Doras face was sad when she learned from her jailer that both the old man and the child would be cheated to take a bath. At this time, Guido, who was flexible in his mind, secretly pushed his son Joshua into the broadcast room of the concentration camp with a cart. His words good morning, Princess and Joshuas childishness shouted Mom, which finally left Doras stone in his heart. Even if they cant meet each other, they still try their best to express their thoughts and love for each other. This is the romance and wisdom that director Benigno gave Guido. Guido, a waiter at the German officers reception, pointed the recorder at Doras cell and played the romantic music of the meeting for her. They looked at each other through the window with gentle faces.

This is true for wives, and even more so for children. In order to comfort Joshua, his son, who was quarreling to go home, Guido packaged his father and sons life in the concentration camp into a game of one thousand points - no crying, no quarreling to see his mother, no hungry to eat snacks, and a real tank can be obtained by collecting one thousand points. At the end of the film, Joshua, the only surviving child in the camp, pours into his mothers arms and says, we won.. Although the game is fake, the tank is real and the victory is real. It was a victory for the allies in World War II and for Guido, his father. He protected the innocence of his children with strong fatherly love and gave him a beautiful life without painful memory.

Smile to resolve suffering, love can overcome everything, as long as you believe in miracles will appear

Different from other films about the anti fascist war with the same theme, beautiful life shows the dark and cruel history of the Holocaust with humor and comedy. At the end of the film, kyu did many funny actions with a smile to welcome the death, which made countless audiences tear. His optimistic sunshine also infected the audience through the screen. They commented: guiduo is not a clown. He is a real humorous person. He faces suffering with a smile. Humor is the weapon of his life. After watching this film, not only is it moving, but also tells us that pain is only temporary, only optimistic people can get a beautiful life! Just when you are going to cry because of the tragedy, the story will make you laugh again.

The 4K restored version of beautiful life was officially released on January 3.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)