Zhang Ziyi has a second child. At last, no one has a hot search with Wang Feng!

 Zhang Ziyi has a second child. At last, no one has a hot search with Wang Feng!

After 20, I finally came here. As the post-90s draft, I have to be treated as the post-60

Its off the point... Back to the point

In other words, Zhang Ziyis pregnancy with a second child was really said by Yuan Yongyi.

Last February, there was an episode of wifes Romantic Journey 2, where everyone ate on the Kang.

Zhang Ziyi said that he loves sour food

Yuan Yongyi, who was covered with sour expressions, was surprised: are you pregnant

At the time, Zhang shyly denied, but later chatted, saying she liked having two.

Yuan Yongyi said: maybe you will have it when you go back

Ziyi said: Im sorry

If calculated according to the time, it is very likely that last April and may pregnant, beautiful mouth really open!


In fact, in this program, we can see that Zhang Ziyi likes to share all kinds of life clips about children, and we can see that she really loves children.

For example, everyone is asleep in the car. After the video of Xie Na and her twin children is finished, Zhang Ziyi starts to talk with her about the childs naming and the experience of B-ultrasound

Zhang Ziyi asks Xie Na who took her childs name

Xie Na asks Ziyi why her daughter wakes up

I can see the joy of Ziyis face when I think of her daughter

Wang Feng broke up with her.

Ziyi says children need all care

Before to the husbands attention to the child, did not expect Feng Ge even the childs vinegar!

Wang Fengs heart aches here for a second

It is worth noting that Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi, gave birth to a second child, and the whole process was fully passed through the wake-up ditch with his daughter.

On January 1, Zhang Ziyi was in labor, and she would also disclose on social media that her daughter was looking forward to the arrival of children every day.

At the same time, the couple also pay great attention to their childrens feelings. From various signs, they do not neglect their daughter because of the second child.

For example, release three photos of children, each with a daughters figure.

? 2

Zhang Ziyi is 8 years younger than Wang Feng. We can see that they are basically in a harmonious state from official publicity to the follow-up, which can also be reflected in the program.

Although they have a sweet moment of dog food, they cant miss a moment of mutual love.

Its real. Its full of fireworks in life.

For example, when talking about a husband shopping with his wife, which one is better. Zhang Jiani said that buying super was very good. Xiaodong had her own opinions and always asked her to change.

Ziyi said that both of them are not good. The best is u2193

Originally thought to praise Wang Feng, who knows the way forward, began Tucao Wang Fengs aesthetic.

And Wang Feng Tucao Tucao wife is also no lip service.


Play games with you. Wang Feng wants to add another sentence to make you anxious

Ziyi would like to say

Its also a bully.

I love you, but it doesnt stop me from hating you.

In the last episode of the program, they play games and answer the corresponding questions on the age board.

Zhang Ziyi said at the beginning, the first half of our lives has basically passed.

But Im looking forward to the rest of my life.

Ziyis first question is say three shortcomings of her lover

I was so excited

Then, it is natural to say that Wang Feng has three shortcomings: snoring, aesthetic appreciation and being prone to be negative when he is in trouble

Brother Feng denied

Asked the hardest time together

It means its all gone, only the beautiful ones in my heart

Before, Zhang Ziyi said that her parents were not optimistic about Wang Feng at first, and her name could not be mentioned.

If the day comes when you are going to be separated from your lover, what will you leave behind?

Wang Feng replied seriously: you dont have to be angry because of me

In the album Zhang Ziyi gave to Wang Feng, there are a lot of two people getting along with each other.

It seems to be very common days, but it is also a memorable day.

The last card to Wang Feng:

Just after the half of my life, for the rest of the second half of my life, I only want to have a view in my eyes, love in my heart and you around me.


Looking around the whole process of Zhang Ziyis birth, I have to admire the action of top actors.

It reminds you of yesterdays announcement that Hamasaki, a famous Japanese singer, also gave birth to a boy at the end of last year.

At the beginning of 2019, Zhang Ziyi participated in the film climber, which was finished in April.

In May, he participated in Cannes Film Festival as a master class.

On October 28, 2019, while serving as the president of Tokyo Film Festival, Zhang Ziyi announced that she had been pregnant for 30 weeks.

After nearly eight months of pregnancy, Zhang Ziyi is finally ready to give birth after completing the review of the festival.

On the one hand, Wang Feng is 49 years old and Zhang Ziyi is 41 years old. If there is a birth plan, the earlier the better.

Secondly, Zhang Ziyi has to wait for another peak role in her career to surpass the classic situation of Gong Er after she successfully starred in the movie the great master directed by Wang Jiawei and created the classic female role Gong Er that cannot be surpassed in recent years.

Therefore, choosing to have a baby mouse in this stall will also help her transform her career.

Although there were some films before, she loved acting, and even hoped that with her own power, she could slightly change the film and television environment where traffic was the highest at that time.

So she chose to play in the variety show the birth of actors.. Although the program was controversial in the later stage, it did make some people focus on the group of powerful actors rather than blindly pursuing traffic.

In the last interview before giving birth to a second child, Zhang Ziyi said:

There may be fewer and fewer roles to challenge in the future.

She also reflected on the original production of Godzilla, and her reason for persuading herself was

You can learn the shooting methods of Hollywood big investment commercial films..

But then I think about it

Even if I learn these, what does it have to do with my job as an actor??

In fact, the dilemma women face in their careers is within the whole society, not just in the film and television industry.

There may be more or less so-called anxiety period. If there are not so many good choices in career, then return to the family, and having children is also a very important part of life.

So, brother Feng, when will you make up for Ziyis wedding?

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