One day box office lead! The most tearful segment of the box office breaking 300 million

 One day box office lead! The most tearful segment of the box office breaking 300 million

Netease Entertainment reported on January 3 that love, produced under the supervision of Xu Zheng and directed by Yang Zi, the chief producer of Liu Ruifang, is on the national hit. Four days after its release, the box office has been climbing all the way, leading the single day box office champion in a row. At present, the cumulative box office has exceeded 300 million. The movie subtly shows the small actions full of love in life, and many people cry at the sight of it, which makes everyone sigh, love has never missed everyones life, we have been loved, which means its not sad to cry, its a sudden realization that we are loved, its the happiest tears.

Every story is easy to cry. Yesterdays doting on tears was even more popular on Weibo. Among them, Zhong Chuxi and Hao Qi were most mentioned by the audience. Todays movie also exposed this segment. Looking at the dying old dog Hao Qi, he stood up and raised his claws with a trembling look under Zhong Chuxis question who loves me the most. Many people were moved by this wordless guard and company.

Love has never been absent from everyones life

The audience was crying not sad, but moved

No one is an isolated island, and someone is quietly loving you. many audiences expressed similar feelings after watching the movie. In the movie, though shy of expressing love, the father who does his best to meet his daughters requirements, worried about the safety of his blind son, quietly followed the mother who raised his first time out behind him, and the delivery brother who is warm and no longer alone in such a big city Every story tells us that love is always around us, but we dont feel it well. The direct internal reminder also saw many audiences crying, not sad, but tears falling from the warm heart.

Who loves me the most

Audience: one cry at a time

The movie love is produced by zhenledao culture, Hairun film industry, taopiao, supervised by Xu Zheng, chief producer of Liu Ruifang, director of Yang Zi, and led by Yu Hewei, Wu Lei, Zhang Zifeng, Zhong Hanliang, Yang Zishan, Chen Weiting, Zhong Chuxi, Tan Jianci, Yi Qingzi, Guo Qilin, Li Randi, and starred by Li Qian, with friendship roles of Gong BEIBI, Lang Yueting, Yu Hailei, Wang Ziyi, Wang Yang Zhao YUNZHUO, special performance oner.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)