Wanghong couple spend 900000 sets, 280 flat villa, whole house intelligence, and basketball court

 Wanghong couple spend 900000 sets, 280 flat villa, whole house intelligence, and basketball court

Jeff & inthira is a well-known online Red couple in Malaysia. They have become popular with some challenge videos and videos of tricking each other. They have many fans on youtube and Facebook, and these videos have brought a lot of income for them.

Inhira was actually a stewardess of Singapore Airlines before. She started a blog with her boyfriend Jeff three years ago. At the beginning, they also shared some daily videos for everyone. Slowly, they began to plan some challenges and trickery. With these creative videos, they gradually accumulated many fans.

In September this year, with their common savings, they spent 1 million yuan (about 1.7 million yuan) to buy a 280 flat villa in Malaysia and more than 500000 yuan (about 900000 yuan) to decorate it.

The whole house decoration only took more than two months, but the final effect was very satisfactory for two people. The overall decoration style is very modern, and there are many ingenious ideas, including rotatable TV, mirror ceiling and concealed cabinet design.

Smart home system is used in the whole house, especially the lighting design. There are not only a variety of lighting modes, but also can open the door automatically, with human body sensing design, and can also set its mode according to their own needs.

Of course, the hostess inhira has also arranged an open cloakroom of her own dream in the new house. There are not only many wardrobes, but also a large middle island, which can put all kinds of accessories.

And they also transformed the former outdoor lawn into a basketball court and a small gardening area, which is more in line with their interests and hobbies.

Inthira said that she was extremely excited on her first night of moving into her new home because she felt that her efforts in more than three years were worth it, and Jeff also said that she was moved by her hard-earned money in exchange for the house. Next, lets take a look at the highlights of this inspirational couples house!

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