Create a happy life with your own hands

 Create a happy life with your own hands

Make life more prosperous

The Huaxi Village in Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County, Chongqing, visited by President Xi last April, has changed. Wang Xiangsheng, Secretary of the Party branch of the village, is very proud: 19 people from the last 8 households in the village have been lifted out of poverty, the village collective has made profits, the common people have paid dividends, the old wires have been replaced, and the students have boarded in the school. In the new year, we will continue to run on the road to wealth!

Our warmth is in President Xis heart. Everyone is warm. Shen Chengying, who lives in Puqiu village, nanlushan Town, Yiyuan County, Shandong Province, said that poverty alleviation micro site has been built in the village. Because of her disability, she can also rely on the processing of Platycodon grandiflorum to subsidize her family. Things we didnt dare to think about before have been realized, and we need to live a more prosperous life!

The new years greetings deeply touched photographer Liu Wanmin. In his lens, the most dazzling color in 2019 is red, and the most pictures are smiling faces. There are the smiling faces of the rural poverty-stricken people, the smiling faces of the urban street youths and the elderly, and each smiling face is so brilliant. The prosperity of the country makes the people confident, and the confidence makes the smiling face bloom, Liu said

Take struggle as the base of youth

These two days, new years greetings have been swiped on the screen in the circle of friends. The most touching thing is the national spirit of the Chinese people, who have been filled with difficulties and refined into gold. Yuan Haojie, deputy instructor of the border police station of pumajiangtang, Shannan, Tibet, said, it is not a problem that the altitude of the station is 5373 meters and the glacier rescue is more than 6000 meters. There is no too difficult in our dictionary . The motherland has a call, the people have a need, and we are on standby at any time to live up to the beautiful spring festival.

The new years greetings make young people full of strength, said an Yueqi, deputy leader of Benyu volunteer service team of Huazhong Agricultural University. Its President Xis ardent advice to us to stick with the motherland and contribute to the people. I will try my best to transform my professional knowledge into the advantage of volunteer service, which will not fail to meet the demands of the times.

Gao Zhi, deputy director of the ship Office of Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Design Institute, said passionately, Shandong ship condenses Chinese wisdom, gathers Chinese strength, and places on the long cherished wish of the Chinese nation to strive for strength in the sea. I am proud to live and struggle in such a great country and era!

Yuan Yijin, a graduate student of Peking University Law School, had the most brilliant experience in 2019. He made an in-depth investigation at the grassroots level and wrote a 100000 word Research Report: an important key word in the new years greeting is struggle. Young people should regard struggle as the base color of youth and grow up in the era.

Take the long march of our generation

In 2019, the total amount of tax reduction and fee reduction will exceed 2 trillion yuan. Zhang Lianqi, member of the National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), was very excited to hear the figure. Now we see more and more enterprises going to battle in light clothes, and we are very happy. As a member of the CPPCC, I should also actively perform my duties and contribute to the modernization of national governance.

In his new years message, President Xi paid tribute to the loyal guardians of his homeland, and the whole army was excited. Wang Damao, the leader of Wang Jieban in a brigade of the 71st army group, said, we will focus our energy on training and preparation, constantly improve the level of practical training, become a good fighter of Wang Jie style in the new era, and walk on the long march of our generation. Liu Zhihua, head of a naval aviation regiment in the southern theater, said: as a new air combat force in the South China Sea, we should constantly improve our ability to win and live up to the trust of our motherland and people!