380000 men like to pick up BMW but cant go to the car management office: the certificate of conformity is false

 380000 men like to pick up BMW but cant go to the car management office: the certificate of conformity is false

There is no problem with the vehicle inspection, but when the customer drives to the vehicle management office to get the license plate, he finds that the vehicle cant get the license plate. The DMV told us that the new car certificate is a fake. Xiao Liu immediately contacted the car seller, but unexpectedly found that the company had closed down and left. Xiao Liu had to call the police.

In the process of reporting to the police, Xiao Liu learned from Zengcheng police station in Guangzhou that there were two other car owners who had the same experience with him. It is very likely that the involved vehicle bank is suspected of selling more than one vehicle, and even mortgaged the real vehicle certificate to a bank or a third-party financial institution.

After the incident was reported, the involved vehicle operators contacted reporters and said they were also victims. These cars were sold to us from the last house. All the information procedures for the car came with the car. At that time, it was indicated that they were the original factory code. The staff of the car company said they had no knowledge of the fact that the car certificate was false. Because the BMW was purchased by the company from an auto agency in Hunan Province.

It is reported that after the incident, Guangzhou Haojun car company contacted the family for the first time and asked about the car certificate, but there was no reply for the time being. The legal person said that in view of the seriousness of the false certificate, the car dealership also chose to give an alarm a few days ago.

The buyer and the buyer also negotiated and reached an agreement on the incident. Ms. Li, the legal representative of Haojun automobile company, said, we will assist customers in licensing. If they still cant do so after two weeks, customers will ask to return their cars. Liu also said that he hoped the car company would do what he said and would wait two weeks. At present, the incident is still in further processing.

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