Taiwan military helicopter crash: search and rescue by sentry voice, all the victims sit in the first three rows

 Taiwan military helicopter crash: search and rescue by sentry voice, all the victims sit in the first three rows

The rescuers found the spot by the whistle

The Black Hawk helicopter crashed in the mountainous area at the junction of Wuli and Yilan in Xinbei city. Because it was located in a remote mountainous area, search and rescue personnel were once searching for needles in a haystack.

In the process of search and rescue, although the survivors whistled for help, there were echoes in the valley, which caused confusion in the direction of the police. At last, Xu Songyi, the fire chief of Yilan County, was commanding so the radio asked all the search and rescue workers to hold their voices for a while and listen carefully to the militarys help whistle to identify the location. The search and rescue workers found the place of the incident at about 1 p.m.

Li Yizhen, the team leader of the winter mountain fire brigade of Yilan County, said that at about 10:00 a.m. that day, they entered the mountain from the entrance of the cherry blossom cemetery. Because of the rain in Yilan these days, it was very difficult to walk in the muddy mountain area, and there was thick fog in the mountain area, which once made the search and rescue task more difficult.

Li Yizhen said that after arriving at the scene, the search and rescue personnel found that the Black Hawk helicopter was a bit like folded back and forth, which had been twisted and deformed. Four wounded people were able to get out of the plane by themselves, while Chen Yingzhu, a reporter from the military news agency, was trapped in the cabin.

The victims were all in the first three rows

Unfortunately, the Black Hawk helicopter crashed. Because all eight victims were sitting in the first three rows, and the plane fell down as if it could not be controlled, the body of the helicopter was seriously distorted and deformed. Although some military experts believe that the probability of the accident caused by weather factors is quite high, the real cause needs to be further investigated.

Taiwans military pointed out that the final return time for the Black Hawk helicopter to lose contact was around 8:6 a.m., mainly for the return of visibility meets the entry standard and other words, without mentioning other conditions, and a project investigation team has been formed to understand the cause of the incident.

According to reports, there are five rows of seats in the Black Hawk helicopter cabin. The front row is the first and the second row is the chief of the aircraft crew. Shen Yiming, the chief of staff, Yu Qinwen, the deputy director of the political and war Bureau, sits in the third row. The fourth and fifth rows are back-to-back seats. Chen Yingzhu, the surviving reporter of the military news agency, sits on the right side of the fifth row.

According to the cause of the accident, an unnamed person interviewed believed that the Black Hawk helicopter was a very new model, and the possibility of mechanical failure was not high, while the total flight hours of Ye Jianyi, who was driving, was as high as 2651 hours, so the probability of human factors should be preliminarily eliminated.

He believes that in autumn and winter, it is easy to have mountain haze and fog. In addition, the relevant content of communication before the accident is related to visibility, so the probability of accidents caused by weather factors is quite high, but the real cause remains to be further investigated.

The person stressed that in the past 20 years, the helicopter crash record has exceeded 9 in Chengdu, and according to the photos released by the search and rescue team, the helicopter should not be forced to land, but suddenly hit an obstacle in the fog.

Chen Weihao, editor in chief of Taiwan military link magazine, said that at this time point, its very difficult to determine the main cause of the accident. Its said that the plane crash may be a mountain crash. He thinks its unreasonable and has nothing to do with battle management navigation.

Chen Weihao said that aircraft accidents should be judged from the aspects of weather, man-made operation (on-site operation, mechanical maintenance), aircraft design and mechanical problems, etc. However, the last moment of the accident is that the weather is good, and there is no return of mechanical failure, so it is difficult to determine the main cause of the accident at present. Only by looking at the follow-up investigation results can we know what kind of problem happened, leading to flying There is such a falling method.

According to Chen Weihao, seeing the images of the crash scene is basically not a forced landing, but a situation with momentum, almost a crash. This means that the helicopter cant be controlled, so it can fall down like an iron block. But usually the helicopter will retain its lift after losing its power, so that the pilot can control the aircraft with the last remaining lift, so it can land safely. However, Judging from the accident, it doesnt seem to exist.

Why does the helicopter fly straight over the mountain without circling the sea?

What is the cause of the crash of Taiwan air force UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter? Military officials said the helicopter had tumbled several times after hitting the mountain, according to the survivors return.

Experts say if there is a mechanical failure of the helicopter, the crew should report it in real time. However, it is difficult for search and rescue helicopters to see the ground or hang the wounded to rescue them. It can be seen that there are clouds on the scene. In the case of cloud in the mountain area, why the helicopter still chooses to fly directly over the mountain rather than around the sea may be the key to the incident.

Feian experts pointed out that the destination of Shen Yimings party on that day was the dongaoling radar station between suao and Dongao. On the route, they could choose to fly in a straight line over the northern branch of the snow mountain range between Ulai, Pinglin and Yilan County, or fly around the sea.

In the early morning of each day, the Taiwan Air Force Meteorological team will draw the weather report of the whole Taiwan. The combat unit will decide whether to carry out the mission or not and the route to be carried out according to this, and will make corrections according to the weather changes at any time.

According to Taiwans military at a press conference, the helicopter maintains an absolute altitude of 3000 feet, or nearly 1000 meters above sea level, close to the height of the local peak. If the helicopter can pass easily under the visual condition, there is no danger at all, but if there is cloud on the site and the sight is blocked, it is necessary to keep a close eye on the index of the radio altimeter to understand the distance from the ground below.

Experts pointed out that if clouds had been found in the local mountains before, when planning the route, they would choose to bypass the sea. It can be judged from this that the cloud and fog may appear in a very short time. If the cloud is found to be beyond expectation, the flight officer can immediately return the request to turn to the sea for flight, and the battle control personnel cannot refuse it. However, the helicopter did not turn around, and still reported visibility of 4 to 7 nautical miles before the crash. Why such a drop occurs will be the focus of future investigation.

Chen Yixiu, a forecaster from the meteorological department, said Tuesday that the visibility of Yilan and suao on flat ground was OK around 8 oclock on the day, but whether the mountain area will be affected is because there is no artificial observation station near the accident site. If the cloud map is used to judge, the cloud layer is relatively thick.

Among the five survivors, Cao Jinping, the deputy chief of general affairs office, is the only pilot. His memory of the incident is believed to be an important clue.

In addition, the Black Hawk helicopter does not have a black box, but there is a circuit board recording flight information on both sides of the dashboard. If it is not damaged excessively, it will also help to rebuild the site condition.

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