The shooting rules of Tokyo Olympic Games have changed greatly and Chinas shooting preparation has been refined

 The shooting rules of Tokyo Olympic Games have changed greatly and Chinas shooting preparation has been refined

The qualification competition of shooting event Tokyo Olympic Games is officially launched from 2018 to 2019. The world cup and Asian Championship are the key battles for the seats of each team. In the 4-stop World Cup competition in 2019, the veteran and rookie of the Chinese shooting team not only shot down multiple medals, but also won the Olympic Qualification of womens sports pistol and womens rifle in Rio de Janeiro. They won 20 full Olympic seats in the walking pistol event in advance.

Looking back on the process of Chinas shooting teams winning the qualification, from the four seats of the mixed group of air rifle and air pistol on September 2, 2018 to the end of the three positions of womens rifle on August 31, 2019, Chinas shooting team took advantage of the opportunity of five seat competitions to obtain 20 full Olympic seats in advance, which also created a new history of Chinas first full Olympic seat of shooting step pistol.

Getting a full seat ahead of time has earned the Chinese shooting team more time to prepare for the Olympics. At present, the Chinese shooting team has finished the preliminary selection of Olympic preparation and participating teams. The team members are conducting winter training in Beijing, strengthening physical fitness, strengthening basic skills, and preparing for the next stage of selection. Among these players, there are not only veterans such as Pang Wei, the Olympic champion, but also backbone forces such as Hui Zicheng and Zhang Jingjing, as well as rising stars such as Lin Junmin, Zhao ruozhu and Wang Luyao, all of whom are striving to realize the Olympic dream.

Before the start of winter training, Chinas shooting team carried out a new measure, completing the rifle and pistol project teams, and preparing for the winter training and Olympic Games in the way of the national rifle shooting team and the national pistol shooting team. In the final of the world cup of pistol shooting, which ended in November 2019, the rifle and pistol events of the Chinese team have achieved the participation of each team. This is the first division of Chinas shooting rifle pistol program, which can be more refined in management and support, but also can increase flexibility and mobility, which is more conducive to the preparation of rifle and pistol events according to their respective movement rules.

At a time when Chinese players are fully prepared for the games, our competitors are also actively preparing for the Olympics. From the current situation, Chinas biggest rivals in Tokyo are likely to come from India, Russia and other countries, especially the Indian team, whose performance has risen rapidly in the Tokyo Olympic cycle. Taking the 2019 Beijing World Cup as an example, the Indian team has won 3 gold and 1 silver, pushing the Chinese teams 2 gold and 2 silver.

In addition, in 2019, the international shooting Federation also revised the rules of some items of walking pistol, especially the rules of air rifle mixed regiment and air pistol mixed regiment, which are newly added items of Tokyo Olympic Games, were greatly revised before the start of the Beijing World Cup, and adjusted twice before the Munich world cup, posing a great challenge to the athletes participation ability.

Time has entered 2020, and the pace of Tokyo Olympic Games is getting closer and closer. According to the schedule, the first gold medal of Tokyo Olympic Games will be produced in the womens 10m air rifle event. For the heroines of Chinese womens rifles, fighting for the first gold medal is not only an honor, but also an incentive. It is also an important driving force for Chinese womens rifles to strive and forge ahead for many years. Lets look forward to the first shot of Chinese shooters in Tokyo.

Source of this paper: responsible editor of China Sports Daily: Cao Liqiao and ns1806