New years greeting of how good is the champion class of beiti university? 8 Olympic champions and 14 world champions

 New years greeting of how good is the champion class of beiti university? 8 Olympic champions and 14 world champions

The message mentioned that the Dulong People in Gongshan, Yunnan Province, the villagers in Xiadang Township, Shouning County, Fujian Province, all the soldiers in Wangjie class, the students in the champion class of graduate students of Beijing Sport University, the children in Macao and the elderly volunteers wrote to me. In my reply, I affirmed your achievements and expressed my best wishes.

According to Xinhua news agency, in June 18, 2019, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, wrote to all the students of the 2016 class postgraduate Championship class at Beijing Sport University to offer their encouragement and expectation.

What kind of existence is this often mentioned postgraduate champion class of Beijing Sport University? What kind of stories do they have?

Champion class, 17 years

According to Guangming Daily, in 2003, Beijing Sport University set up a postgraduate Championship class, which was designed to recruit athletes and coaches who won individual and collective events in the Olympic Games, the world championships and the world cup.

As of October 2018, 391 graduate students have been enrolled in the champion class, among which Xu Haifeng, the first Olympic champion in China, the winner of the title and medal of reform pioneer, Li Lingwei, vice president of the Chinese Olympic Committee, Zhang Yining, the winner of table tennis Grand Slam and Zou Kai, the winner of gymnastics Olympic hardware are excellent alumni of the champion class.

Writing to general secretary Xi Jinping is the 2016 class postgraduate champion class of the school, with 24 students, including 8 Olympic champion, 14 world champion and 2 champion coaches.

Speaking of the original intention of the letter, Cao Weidong, Secretary of the Party committee of Beijing University of physical education, revealed that in recent years, the sportsmen have deeply felt the general secretarys concern for sports undertakings and sportsmen:

On the eve of the 54 youth day, all the students of the 2016 grade postgraduate Championship class wrote a letter to general secretary Xi Jinping, reporting on their study, training and work, and expressed their enthusiasm and determination to contribute to the building of a sports power.

I didnt expect to receive a reply from the general secretary so soon. Its really exciting! Wu Dajing, the Olympic champion of short track speed skating, said in an interview that after receiving the reply, all the students in the 2016 graduate champion class of Beijing University of physical education were very proud and excited.

The champion class is a collective that can fight well, have a good style of work, study hard, and have both good character and study. Next, we must prepare for every competition carefully, go all out and win honor for our country.

Gong Lijiao, world champion.

They were inspired by the reply

This new years greeting, chairman Xi Jinping mentioned again, and Wu Dajings mood remained excited.

As a member of 2016 graduate champion class of Beijing Sport University, I always remember my mission and responsibility. 2020 has come, and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is not far away. How can I compete in the Beijing Winter Olympics? Ive been asking myself

Its a great honor for the country to train me, to give me the chance to train and compete, and to win glory for the country.

I can only return to my country if I train hard, improve my physical fitness and fight hard on the field. Just like General Secretary Xi Jinpings reply to all the students of the 2016 class graduate student champion class of Beijing Sport University, the new era of China needs the mission to shoulder, struggle and have my spirit. In the new year, I will seize the time to make more contributions to building a strong sports country and deliver more positive energy to the society.

Gong Lijiao, a 2018 graduate student from Beijing Sport University and champion of the track and field world championships, was very excited after listening to the new years greetings.

General Secretary Xi Jinping mentioned sports three times in the new years congratulations. This is a great encouragement and encouragement to sports and sports people. We will remember the earnest teachings of shoulder to shoulder and struggle with me and strive to win the silver medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and give satisfactory answers to the motherland.

Let sports spirit not only develop in the field

General secretary Xi Jinpings reply to the champion class not only inspires all the teachers and students of Beijing Sport University, but also makes the entire sports industry practitioners feel the glorious mission.

In particular, it coincides with the coming of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, which is a key node to enhance the national spirit and help the Olympic Games. The media products with communication value and social attributes are used to fulfill the general secretarys instructions. The idea of sports peoples cross year speech has also emerged.

On December 31, 2019, weightlifting Olympic champion Zhang Xiangxiang gathered seven alumni of Beijing Sport University, including Gong Lijiao, the first sister of shot put, Yang Yilin, the princess of gymnastics, Zhong Qixin, the flying man on the cliff, Chen Zhong, the queen of Taekwondo, Jin Zhipeng, the Paralympic champion, Xu Gang, a sports researcher, Tian Maijiu, one of the founders of modern sports training in China, to present them through speeches The spirit of indomitable struggle and challenging the limit.

The first sports speaker invited to the party was Yang Yilin, champion of gymnastics womens team Olympic Games, a student of 2016 graduate champion class of Beijing Sport University.

The general secretary has repeatedly stressed that sports bear the dream of national rejuvenation, that is to say, to be strong in sports means to be strong in China, and that to be prosperous in National Games means to be prosperous in sports. We hope to build the sports peoples cross year speech into a stage for sports people to voice their dreams, so that the sports spirit will not only develop in the arena, but also permeate the life of ordinary people.

This year is our first time to hold such an event. The rehearsal scene has been able to feel the powerful momentum of the impossible challenge from the sportsmen. We will continue this program and build it into the sportsmans own IP. Zhao Linlin, editor in chief of Beijing Sport Media and director of cross year speech, said.

Athletes tell the story of how they still insist on not giving up after experiencing numerous failures, overcoming injuries and even ridicule; researchers share how to introduce advanced aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, virtual simulation, etc. into the sports field to protect athletes in order to improve their performance.

Every story on the stage exudes a natural true temperament, which becomes the transmission of sports spirit.