Lets take a look back at Xi Jinpings 2019

 Lets take a look back at Xi Jinpings 2019

This year, general secretary Xi Jinping constantly refreshed the busy index: his 7 visits, 8 inspection and research, 14 presidential decrees, 23 military activities, 27 important speeches, 111 foreign affairs activities, 115 telegrams, and 122 meetings.

In this year, we ushered in two big days: the 70th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China and the 20th anniversary of Macaos return to the motherland. These big nodes gathered together to praise the new China and strive for a new era, adding infinite strength to us.

This year, we held 4 Heroes gathering: the second one belt and one way International Cooperation Summit Forum, the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, the Asian civilizations dialogue conference and the second China International Import fair, showing a civilized, open and inclusive China to the world.

In this year, he traveled through mountains and rivers, visited the poor and asked questions, and visited nine provinces, regions and cities eight times.

In this year, he traveled across the oceans and seas, worked out a final plan, and visited 12 countries seven times.

Lets seize the day, not lose the time, and jointly welcome the coming of 2020. Accompanied by general secretary Xi Jinpings new years greetings, CCTVs CCTV network launched the original micro video 2019 of Xi Jinpings review, following the footsteps of time, looking back to the general secretary Xi Jinpings big event this year.