Taiwan media war experts: compared with a war zone of the PLA

 Taiwan media war experts: compared with a war zone of the PLA

In addition, in the era of Ma Ying Jeous government, the U.S. approved the f-16v improvement plan for Taiwans F-16A / b. Hanxiang aviation was responsible for the assembly in Taiwan and began to deliver the aircraft from 2018. Taiwan military calls the improved F-16A / b AM / BM, and the informal model f-16v is directly used for external use. The improved or newly built F-16 will use apg-83 active phased array radar, with stealth coating and new ammunition, and its combat power will be greatly improved. The 208 super F-16 will also be the worlds largest fleet. The article claims that, in addition to the PLA j-20 with stealth design, the super F-16 is the strongest at present.

F-16v fighters equipped by Taiwan Army

Although Taiwans F-16 has upgraded its active phased array radar, it is by no means second only to the j-20. The PLA, as well as the j-10c and j-16, all use active phased array radar. It is not difficult for other three generations of aircraft to upgrade the active phased array radar. The f-16v at best benchmarked the j-10c. And more than 200 F-16 aircraft are future time, while the PLAs three and a half generations are completion time.

In fact, in terms of Taiwans air force, only the upgraded F-16 is worth mentioning. The non upgraded mirage-2000 and the same level of Jingguo as the earlier version of Xiaolong are far behind. The United Daily also lamented that the other two main forces, Jingguo and mirage-2000, lack the same level of performance improvement, whether they can cope with future threats is questionable..

Taiwan Navy: self built submarine against the mainland

Taiwan media said that on May 9, 2019, Tsai ing Wen went south to Kaohsiung to preside over the commencement of the construction of the self built submarine plant. Self built defense submarine (IDS) plan starts from the later stage of the Malaysian government, the first stage of contract design will be started in the bidding at the end of 2015, the second stage of prototype ship construction will be started in 2019, and it is expected to launch in the middle of 2024 and deliver ships by the end of 2025.

There is no doubt about the necessity of submarines, but the technical risks are high, according to the associated. In addition, after the service of the first self-made submarine, the Taiwan Navy needs to rebuild seven submarines according to the ideal situation to have enough underwater combat power. At the same time, the cost and budget for mass production of Tuojiang missile patrol ship, self-made new missile cruiser, self-made amphibious dock transport ship and self-made rescue ship will be considerable.

The current sea lion submarines of Taiwan army are old-fashioned

According to a report released by the Congressional Research Service in December 2019, by 2019, the PLA has equipped a number of ballistic missile nuclear submarines, attack nuclear submarines and dozens of diesel electric submarines. The power of this submarine is incomparable with that of Taiwan. Moreover, in recent years, the PLA has begun to equip a large number of anti submarine patrol aircraft, anti submarine helicopters and so on, and the anti submarine combat capability has made rapid progress. Even if Taiwan builds submarines, they can only become targets for PLA submarines and air-based anti submarine forces.

Taiwan army wants to win the PLA tank with M1A2

Taiwan media reported that the current main force of Taiwans armored forces are the US made M60A3 and the self-made cm11 (formerly known as m48h, M48 turret plus the main gun and body of M60), which were introduced in the early 1990s. Now, compared with the new generation of combat vehicles, their performance is dwarfed.

Taiwans army had hoped to introduce M1 tanks in active service of the U.S. Army more than ten years ago. However, both sides of the U.S. and Taiwan have disputes about whether Taiwans army needs heavy main battle tanks. With the budget preferentially used for air and sea control, Taiwans army has never been able to do so. Until July 2019, the Pentagon announced that it had approved the sale of 108 M1A2 tanks. However, the total amount of arms sales announced by the US side is US $2 billion, which is far behind the Taiwan military budget. It is expected that the U.S. side will allow the ammunition, logistics and other items in the sales list to be purchased in a reduced amount or separately in the future. In addition, the newly purchased M1A2 only accounts for about 1 / 9 of the total number of main tanks in Taiwans active service. In the future, it is still necessary to continue to purchase or improve the performance of active combat vehicles.

Us M1A2 main battle tank known as the strongest on the earth

Mainland experts believe that the PLA Armys equipment development has been around tanks and anti tanks for a long time since the 1960s, so the achievements in these two aspects are quite fruitful, and they are also in the forefront in the world. Even if the advanced 99 series main battle tank is not deployed, its light and heavy combination, antitank firepower combination of various platforms are enough to deal with M1A2 series main battle tank. In front of some advanced anti tank missiles, such as the red arrow-10, M1A2 and M60 have no difference. Moreover, the terrain of Taiwan island is not suitable for M1A2 operations with a total weight of more than 60 tons, and M1A2 may have become a Torch before firing.

Experts said that the economic power balance between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is gradually wide, and the military power balance has long been inclined to the mainland. In the early years, Taiwan was able to improve by quality. Today, both in quality and quantity, Taiwans armed forces are far less equipped than the PLA. This has not yet calculated the various express delivery of the PLA rocket army and the strong support of the strategic support forces. If the Taiwan army wants to compare with the PLA, it is still equal to our war zone. In the future, Im afraid, as netizens put it, it needs to be compared with a provincial military region..

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