Little broken station rushed out of the second dimension and held a party for young people

 Little broken station rushed out of the second dimension and held a party for young people

Welcome to Azeroth! For the union! For the tribe!

The music was blazing and the soldiers came on stage in the fire. On the stage is the battlefield of world of Warcraft, the audience is cheering under the stage, and the barrage area is a red fire. This is the biannual Party of Bili Bili 2020.

The party, jointly sponsored by bilibilibili and, was themed with the most beautiful night of 219. It was divided into three chapters: sunset, moon rise and stars. 2020 represents the end of the decade of the 21st century, the first batch of post-90s began to enter the year of establishment. Therefore, 2020 has been given more meaning than ever.

On the new years Eve, Jiangsu, Hunan and Oriental TV stations competed with each other. As the first party in Chinas Internet video industry, station B Party has broken the circle limit of the second dimension, collided the second dimension with popular, classical and other elements, and formed a multi-cultural party.

Station B used to be characterized by duality and ghost animals, but with its slogan of everything can be station B, it has become a pan youth culture platform. This evening party marks that station B has realized the leap of faith from duality to pan youth culture.

Long live the little broken station! Four strokes. Some netizens described the fanaticism of B stations new years party in the barrage.

There are about 35 programs in the cross year party of station B, which not only includes the ghost animal videos that have been on fire in station B in the past year, but also restores the classic works loved by fans of animation, film and television and games. Not only that, station B also invited Mayday, Wu Yifan, Deng Ziqi, Zhou Shen and other star singers to break into the mainstream cultural market.

In 2019, Wu Yifan made a turnaround in station B with a song big bowl wide noodles. Before that, Hupu netizens had split with Wu Yifan. Wu Yifans impromptu rap on a variety show also experienced the taunt of netizens. Later, Wu Yifan adapted this slot point into the rap song big bowl wide face. Once the song went online, Wu Yifans entertainment spirit was recognized by netizens. Many netizens in the screen area said that Wu Yifan was no longer black, which also made Wu Yifan reach a certain degree of reconciliation with the netizens who opened it.

In terms of IP works, there are games such as world of Warcraft and League of heroes, movie classics such as Harry Potter and game of power, and Nezha and vagabond earth, which respectively symbolize the rise of domestic animation and science fiction this year.

The most popular works on station B have been put on the stage. In addition to the performance of Symphony Orchestra and stage actors, the visual effects on station B make the audience more immersive.

For example, when playing the theme song of game of power, station B designed the special effects of fire and dragon with the plot of game of power.

Stage effect of game of rights in the cross year party of station B

When playing the heidway variations in the Harry Potter films, station B invited the Piano Master Richard Clayderman and the Chinese Symphony Orchestra. Each of the orchestras wore a wizards hat, and the stage special effects restored various illusions of the magic world, such as floating white candles and full moon.

Stage effect of heidway variations in the new years Party of station B

And the more out of the circle program is the same stage performance of what a beautiful jasmine flower by Luo Tianyi, the close daughter of station B, and Fang Jinlong, the master of national music. In the pipa sound, the stage effect also presents four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Luo Tianyi tosses around in the four seasons, sometimes holding up an oil paper umbrella, sometimes boarding a cruise ship, and dancing in maple leaves and snow

In the performance, Luo Tianyi and Fang Jinlong will also pay attention to cooperation. For example, master Fang often pays attention to luotianyis position on the stage. Luotianyi also plays zither with the master for a short period of ensemble.

This is not the first stage performance of Luo Tianyi and the real person. In February 2019, the virtual idol Luo Tianyi and the piano master Lang Lang had a collision between the second dimension and classical music, and the two sides cooperated to complete a holographic concert.

In addition, Luo Tianyi and Wang Peiyu, a famous Peking Opera expert, jointly performed the national style work when is the moon on CCTVs huangjinchuang variety show classic chant spread. He also worked with famous singer Emil Chau, Joker Xue, Yang Yuying, Jam Hsiao and other singers in various musical types.

If the ensemble of luotianyi and folk music masters makes the characteristics of station B further out of the circle, the fans brought by star singers such as Mayday and Deng Ziqi make the party expand the maximum common factor as much as possible, which lays a certain foundation for station B to enrich its diversified content later.

As the finale of the party, Maydays songs party animals and leaving the earths surface ignited the whole party, and the subsequent song cheers not only echoed the slogan of cheers of station B, but also led all the 80, 90 or even 00 people to go back to youth.

B station Party may day song burning

Station B integrates our so-called two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements very well, which is not abrupt at all, and embodies very positive values and intentions. A B station user left a message in the comment area. In his view, the second dimension can see lotianyi and the League of heroes here, while the third dimension can see mayday. Diversity is fully reflected in this evening party.

It can be seen that station B is actively connecting with the mainstream entertainment market from the new years festival, which lasts for ten years and is called the Second Spring Festival Gala, to the new years Gala, which competes with all major satellite TV stations on the same stage.

Xiaopo station is getting bigger and bigger. Some special effects can even catch up with the Spring Festival Gala. A B station user told titanium media. Little broken station is the favorite name of B station fans, and now B station has the ability to compete with the TV party.

In the eyes of Yang Liangyan, general manager of Bili Bili market, the new years party is more like a vote for station B to enter the mainstream entertainment market.

The previous B station is far away from the mainstream entertainment market. Through this party, we kept contacting people, never realizing the familiarity with many artists, and accumulated a lot of experience in communication with the mainstream entertainment. For us, its a good start. Yang Liang said in an interview with hedgehog commune.

Different from the youaiteng streaming media platform, the essential attribute of station B is Pan youth cultural community, so the platform can extract its own cultural symbols. This kind of cultural symbol is not only a characteristic of the platform, but also closely related to the evolution of popular culture, and it is easier to arouse the audiences resonance. This is also the reason why station B is unique in the TV Gala.

According to Hedgehog news agency, Yang Liang pointed out that in the past year, there have been many films and songs that publicized station B, the largest cultural community for young people in China, as an important station. In the future, station B will use more good cultural and creative resources and artists, Yang said.

(the first titanium media in this paper, by Lu Yi)