Hydrogen power + 5g China plan to create a new green and smart port

 Hydrogen power + 5g China plan to create a new green and smart port

Recently, Qingdao port fully automated terminal (phase II) (hereinafter referred to as phase II terminal) of Shandong Port was put into operation. The project has launched six global first scientific and technological achievements, including independent research and development of Shandong Port, integrated and innovative hydrogen powered automatic rail crane, 5g + automation technology, etc., leading the most advanced technology level of fully automated terminal today, with the goal of intelligent manufacturing in China and innovation in China China plan has been contributed by the port and shipping industry.

The highest peak of automatic Wharf in the world

We are going to use hydrogen fuel cells to power the large machinery of the second phase wharf. More than a year ago, Zhang LIANGANG, general manager of Qingdao port automation terminal, Shandong Port, said this to his team. At that time, some people in the society, after hearing this idea, all took a wait-and-see attitude of suspicion.

After the first phase of the fully automated container terminal project of Qingdao port in Shandong Port (hereinafter referred to as the first phase terminal) has been put into commercial operation, the equipment and system are stable and reliable, and the degree of automation has exceeded the world-class ports such as Rotterdam port. However, the second phase of Qingdao port automation terminal project of Shandong Port did not choose to simply copy the first phase technology, but continued to choose independent research and development, and once again launched a rush to the unknown peak of the world automation terminal.

The use of hydrogen powered automatic rail crane means the removal of the high-voltage reel cable device with a diameter of 6 meters and a weight of about 3 tons on the rail crane. This big braid includes not only the power supply cable, but also the control cable. The efficient operation of the rail crane, such as running water, depends on its remote transmission. Release

If the control cable is removed, how to achieve accurate remote transmission is a crucial prerequisite for the realization of hydrogen power automatic suspension bridge. Through various demonstrations, we finally chose 5g + automation technology to replace the high-voltage reel control cable device, and solved this problem. However, a 16 millisecond delay may cause potential work hazards, so the test should not be sloppy. Yang Jiemin, executive deputy general manager of Qingdao port Automation Terminal Co., Ltd., Shandong Port, said that in order to make sure that the time is not bad, they have carried out tens of thousands of tests together with the manufacturers. Finally, 5g + automation technology has realized the full coverage of the terminal. Through 5g signal transmission, it has successfully realized the application of scenes such as automatic control operation of quayside bridge, rail crane, container grabbing and transportation and high-definition video big data return under 5g network.

The design and application of hydrogen fuel cell system is another mountain that needs to be crossed. After detailed analysis and design in the early stage, during the installation and commissioning of the hydrogen fuel cell system, according to the requirements of the drawings, the technicians curled up in the hanging cage in the middle of the air, rose to the base 8 meters high, installed and debugged the hydrogen fuel cell system, accurately tested 350 electric control interfaces and software interfaces, and finally successfully completed the hydrogen power rail crane project.

In addition to hydrogen power and 5g + automation technology, the system equipment and software of phase II wharf have also been upgraded in an all-round way, with a higher degree of intelligence. In the construction of the global smart port, it fully demonstrates the China plan, China wisdom and China Power of top smart technology.

Hydrogen power can reduce 20000 tons of carbon dioxide

The hydrogen powered automatic rail crane uses the independently developed hydrogen fuel cell group to provide power for the automatic rail crane, which not only reduces the self weight of the equipment, reduces the complexity of the equipment mechanism, equipment maintenance and maintenance costs, but also has higher power generation efficiency. At the same time, hydrogen is used to replace oil and coal, and rail crane can realize zero emission, which has far-reaching significance for environmental protection.

Professor Yu Zhuoping, director of the intelligent new energy vehicle collaborative innovation center of Tongji University, said: hydrogen energy has a high cleanliness, which is conducive to controlling global warming; in the future, hydrogen energy will come from renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy, and energy utilization efficiency will also be improved. And hydrogen power is very suitable for heavy-duty, long-distance and long-time operation equipment. Qingdao port of Shandong port uses hydrogen power for port equipment with tight working rhythm, which is very important for promoting the innovation and application of hydrogen energy technology and provides a good example for the whole country.

According to the calculation, each container lifted by the yard consumes about 6 kilowatt hours of electricity, and the average 6 kilowatt hours of electricity will discharge 2.1kg of carbon dioxide, as well as the emission of dust particles, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, etc. according to the actual currency capacity of the first and second phase terminals of 3 million standard containers / year, the total annual carbon dioxide emission of the yard is about 21000 tons, and the sulfur dioxide emission is 690 tons. The industrial by-product hydrogen production around Qingdao is very large. At present, these hydrogen are discharged in white. Collecting them as power can reduce the consumption of coal. In the second phase of the terminal, hydrogen power is used for transformation and upgrading, and the power mode of hydrogen fuel cell plus lithium battery group is used to realize the optimal utilization of energy. Lu Xiangdong, deputy manager of the Technology Department of the fully automated terminal of Qingdao port, Shandong Port, said that if hydrogen power is fully used in the yard, 2100 tons of hydrogen will be needed every year, which can replace 10700 tons of coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions of more than 20000 tons.

5g technology was used to realize hydrogen powered automatic rail crane at the beginning, but the significance of 5g layout is far beyond that. The layout of 5g has built a low-cost and more convenient information highway for the intelligent port, and there will be more intelligent functions carrying 5g network in the future. Yang Jiemin said that the big advantage of using 5g network is that when upgrading the traditional artificial wharf, you dont need to dig ditches and lay cables everywhere. If a ditch is opened on the wharf, it will lead to semi-stop production. Now the information and communication transmission can be directly completed through 5g, and the old wharf transformation can be completed without stopping production. After testing, the large-scale equipment communication of the second phase terminal has realized low time delay, large bandwidth, strong anti-interference, spectrum stability and 5g network coverage. 5g provides production convenience and work support for the terminal.

To carve the port with the spirit of craftsman

In addition to hydrogen power, 5g + automation technology and intelligent high-tech, the construction of the second phase of the fully automated container terminal project of Qingdao port, Shandong Port, also constantly refreshes peoples awareness of Chinas infrastructure Mania.

The worlds first maintenance free storage yard is designed to solve the problem of uneven settlement of storage yard. The ribs of the storage yard are 8069 PHC pipe piles buried deep underground, each 36 meters long, which are the length of 37 Jiaozhou Bay tunnels or 8 Qingdao Bay Bridges. These pipe piles are like a pair of powerful hands, holding a box angle beam with a total weight of 63500 tons. Only when the box angle beam is flat and straight can the yard be kept flat. In the construction process, through the innovation of the construction technology of the box angle beam, the error of the top surface elevation and flatness of the adjacent box angle beam is accurately controlled within u00b1 2.5mm, realizing the mm level control of the concrete construction error, which is higher than the installation accuracy of the steel structure.

Zhou Zhaojun, who is engaged in the civil engineering management of the automation terminal of Qingdao port, Shandong Port, said that although the construction cost has increased with the improvement of piling and box angle beam scheme of the storage yard, in return, the maintenance free use of the whole storage yard in the later period is really helpful for the formation of new capacity of the terminal.

The terminal has also made a breakthrough in energy conservation and emission reduction: the yard equipment has realized double box operation, lifting two boxes at a time, which was supposed to run twice, but now it only needs to run once, which has been effectively improved in energy consumption and operation efficiency, meeting the requirements of intensive development. Lu Xiangdong introduced that, however, the newly added double box sling function put forward strict precision requirements for the parts of cart traveling. The special processing mould for cart traveling trolley made by Qingdao port of Shandong Port has reached an incredible precision of 0.02mm, which is 0.01mm higher than the international standard.

Facing the future, Shandong Port will continue to develop and apply the world-class new scientific and technological achievements, commit to the application of hydrogen energy, artificial intelligence, 5g, big data, cloud platform, automation control and other technologies in the fully automated terminal, and build a smart and green port.

Source: responsible editor of science and Technology Daily: Liao ziyao, nbjs10040