Xiaomi camera is exposed to security vulnerabilities, so Google banned integration

 Xiaomi camera is exposed to security vulnerabilities, so Google banned integration

Recently, a U.S. user of the Mijia camera was trying to transfer the stored content to Googles smart device, Google nest hub, when he got other peoples home still images. These include pictures of people sleeping and even pictures of babies in their cradles. To this end, Google has completely disabled millet integration on Google home devices and Google assistant, a smart assistant.

This problem was first reported by the dio-v user of reddit. The involved device is the Mijia 1080p intelligent IP security camera, which can be linked to the Google account through the Mijia application or service, so as to be used with Google or nest devices.

Dio-v said that Google nest hub and Xiaomi camera were both newly purchased. The camera was purchased from global express and indicates that firmware version 3.5.1_.66 is running.

Dio-v said that when he tried to access the video source from the connected camera, he did not see the local video, but saw random black and white still images from other families, occasionally partially damaged. Among the eight examples originally provided to reddit are sleeping babies, closed porches and men sleeping on chairs.

According to dio-v, the random still image displayed by Google nesthub also contains date or time stamps of Xiaomi and Miya brands, and even records that are not in the same time zone as him.

Technically, this may be a well planned prank, but the evidence provided by dio-v is quite credible. In addition, these images may also be test images, and dio-v inadvertently accesses the debugging mode. There are other possible explanations, of course.

However, Google was reluctant to take any risks, saying in a statement: we are aware of this problem and are contacting Xiaomi to solve it. At the same time, we are disabling Millets integration capabilities on our devices.

This will mean that Google will completely disable the integration functions or commands of all products in Google assistant. Tests of Google home and Google assistant show that Google has disabled these features. And dio-v also confirmed that his Mijia camera could not continue to connect with Google nesthub. Xiaomi has yet to comment. (small)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report