Do you want to change your method of starting a business? Some units include the indicators of forwarding likes into the year-end assessment

 Do you want to change your method of starting a business? Some units include the indicators of forwarding likes into the year-end assessment

Li Meng is a salesman of an insurance company. He needs to complete 48000 yuan of premium in the whole year before he can reach the standard. Now, when it was time for the year-end assessment, she felt anxious.

Salespersons performance pressure is relatively large. If they cant open a single in a row, they will leave. The elimination rate and liquidity of this line are very high. Li Meng said.

The year-end assessment is often linked to the promotion and bonus of employees, and may even affect the future. However, some enterprises have put forward wonderful year-end assessment provisions and dismissed employees due to unqualified year-end assessment.

In November 2018, a company in Guangzhou included the daily steps of its employees in the assessment. There was no reward for exceeding the limit, and a penny would be deducted for less steps. As soon as the news came out, there was heated discussion. Many netizens said that even though they could understand that the company wanted to encourage employees to exercise, binding it with the year-end assessment felt like changing a pattern to deduct wages.

In January 2019, a new retail company asked its employees to take math and logic tests in the year-end assessment, and those who failed will be dismissed. The founder responded that the ability of mathematical logic is particularly important to the business, that the mathematical logic is not good, and that the performance is difficult to achieve the expectation.

Workers Daily reporter found that in some units, the number of public addresses was forwarded, and whether ETC was installed. At first glance, these indicators that seem to have little relevance to the work content are also included in the year-end assessment. The objectivity, fairness and accuracy of the year-end assessment criteria will be discussed.

Wang Yan, who works in an Internet company in Beijing, is about to face the year-end assessment. She told workers daily that the assessment is scored by the managers of all groups in the Department. The final assessment result will not only affect the year-end bonus, but also the promotion in the next year and the general salary adjustment in spring. Although the managers high or low performance should be reported to the director of the Department and the reasons should be explained, Wang Yan believes that this is still very subjective.

It depends on luck. Wang Yan said bluntly, if you meet a manager who is honest and likes strong business ability, you dont need to worry; once you meet a group manager who likes to engage in intrigue, you will be in trouble, and you may need to have a good relationship with such a leader.

At the same time, Wang Yan said that there is a certain proportion of people who get the worst performance rating, and each department will get the corresponding quota.

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