8000 koalas or dead forest fire environmentalists call for endangered species

 8000 koalas or dead forest fire environmentalists call for endangered species

According to reports, ecologists at the University of Sydney say an estimated 480 million creatures died in the massive fire. About 8000 koalas are believed to have been burned in Queensland and New South Wales.

On December 22 local time, an Australian firefighter was photographed feeding water to a thirsty koala.

In addition, more than 5 million hectares of land have been consumed by more than 100 fires. More than 30% of koalas in the region may have died, according to Susan RIE, the Federal Environment Minister. When the fire subsides, we can learn more and make an appropriate assessment..

At the same time, Australian authorities are also trying to cure these Forest Elves. On Christmas day, staff of Macaulay koala port hospital treated 72 severely burned koalas and provided them with good care.

On December 30, local time, aerial photo of the forest fire in ellesley, NSW, Australia, the fire line quickly engulfed farmland under the help of high temperature and strong wind.

Earlier, ecologist Mark Graham told the Australian parliament that with the spread of the fire, these slow-moving koalas do not have the ability to escape quickly. The fire is burning so fast that the animals on the trees have died before they can come down. But now there is still a large area of burning, we may never find the body.

We have lost a large area of Koala habitat and there is no doubt that the number of koalas will continue to decline from now on, he added.

This view of ecologists has frustrated many people, and many environmentalists have called for koala to be reclassified as an endangered species in view of its current precarious state.

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