Before Ghosn fled, he wanted to make his own story. The villain of Hollywood is Japan

 Before Ghosn fled, he wanted to make his own story. The villain of Hollywood is Japan

According to the New York Times, Ghosn knows nothing about making films, but he seems willing to learn. One day in December, in a rented house in Tokyo, Ghosn told Hollywood producer John Lesher about his movie plot, the theme of which is salvation, while the villain is the Japanese judicial system, people familiar with the matter said. During the discussion, he wanted to know whether such a movie would win him more sympathy from the outside world.

After Ghosn fled Japan, the Tokyo local prosecutors office searched the residence in the Tokyo Metropolitan port area specified in his bail conditions on Tuesday.

Ghosn stopped in Istanbul on Sunday night before arriving in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, by private jet. According to Turkish media reports, on the 2nd, seven people were arrested and arraigned in Istanbul, including four pilots, two airport staff and the manager of a freight company.

Lebanese authorities received an international arrest warrant from the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) on Tuesday, calling for the detention of Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan motor.

Several people familiar with the matter said Ghosn and his lawyers were considering the idea of a trial in Lebanon rather than Japan. Salim jreisati, a senior Lebanese government official, told local newspapers this week that he had asked Japanese officials to hand over Ghosn to Lebanese courts for trial under international anti-corruption law.

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