Public transport drivers are charged 10000 risk gold when they are employed public transport company: for accident compensation

 Public transport drivers are charged 10000 risk gold when they are employed public transport company: for accident compensation

RMB 10000 safety accident risk prepayment shall be paid at the time of entry (drawing provided by interviewee)

Pan, manager of Xiangyun bus company, responded to the surging news on January 2, saying that the bus company did collect 10000 yuan as advance payment for safety accident risk when the driver was hired, but it was not a deposit, and there was no case of detaining the contract, it may be that the contract applicant did not take it at that time.

Lu Ming said that in 2019, he was employed as a bus driver of Xiangxiang Xiangyun city. When he passed the examination and prepared to enter the post, he was required to pay a deposit of 10000 yuan to successfully enter the post. This practice is very incomprehensible to Lu Ming. The person in charge said that the money can be refunded after resignation, but according to the labor law, the company cannot accept the deposit in disguised form. Lu Ming said he had asked his friend who was a bus driver in Guangdong and had not charged any fees when he joined.

Lu Ming finally paid 10000 yuan as a deposit, 270 yuan for physical examination, 1800 yuan for clothing and 50 yuan for internal driving permit. He said he was also puzzled by the fact that after signing the labor contract, the original labor contract should be made in triplicate, and his own one was not given to him, which made him very worried, I dont know if I can get back the 10000 yuan when I resign without the contract.

In addition, after learning from the companys staff, Lu Ming learned that if a small accident occurs while driving a bus, the driver is often required to bear the compensation cost of the accident, which will be deducted from the deposit. Lu Ming thought the regulation was unreasonable. According to the companys practice, we will pay thousands of yuan for an accident, and we will do nothing in half a month or even a month.

In response to the above problems, pan surnamed manager of Xiangyun bus company told surging news on January 2 that new employees really need to pay 10000 yuan of advance payment for safety accident risk for accident compensation, if the driver has an accident, according to the division of responsibility, the driver also needs to pay part of the compensation, the company will deduct 10000 yuan from it.

Pan said that although the company has purchased relevant insurance, some accident drivers should bear the proportion of liability. After the insurance compensation, the companys loss part, if the driver is fully responsible, the driver should bear the proportion of 30%, but the maximum limit is 10000 yuan. The safety accident risk advance payment is not a deposit, we can collect it. He said that if there is no accident during the contract period and the driver resigns, he will return the risk prepayment of 10000 yuan in full.

Pan denied the companys seizure of the labor contract. He said that if a formal labor contract is signed, it is in triplicate, one for the group, one for the branch company and one for the applicant. If there is no contract in the applicants hand, it should be just a few. Maybe the applicant didnt take it away at that time. Pan said that in the future, he will ask the human resources department to check the situation and ask the candidates to take them away after signing the labor contract.

The staff of the office of Xiangxiang Transportation Bureau responded to the surging news on the same day, saying that they did not know about the collection of advance payment for safety accident risk by public transport companies, and needed to contact relevant departments for investigation before giving a reply.

Xing Xin, a lawyer, told surging news that, according to Article 9 of the labor contract law, employers shall not detain certificates or require workers to provide guarantees, including personal guarantees and property guarantees, including collecting various properties. At the same time, according to Article 84 of the labor contract law, if the employing unit, in violation of the provisions of this law, collects property from the laborer in the name of guarantee or in any other name, the labor administrative department shall order it to return the laborer itself within a time limit, and impose a fine of not less than 500 yuan but not more than 2000 yuan per person; if it causes damage to the laborer, it shall bear the liability for compensation.


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