78 accidents caused by taxi drivers porcelain bumping lane changing car, cheating 250000 yuan

 78 accidents caused by taxi drivers porcelain bumping lane changing car, cheating 250000 yuan

But if someone uses this Law and directly steps on the gas pedal to catch who bumps who, and meets this kind of intentional porcelain bumping behavior, can only the mute eat Coptis, and there is no place to reason?

On November 4, 2019, Hangzhou traffic police found a strange alarm through big data in their work. Xu Yufu, a taxi driver, is responsible for the collision between his taxi no.790 Zhejiang atb790 and other vehicles on a road in Hangzhou. The other side is responsible for the collision caused by the lane change of the car in front of him.

Originally, it was just a very common car collision accident, but the traffic police found through the sorting of big data that from November 2017 to November 19, 2017, Xu had dozens of alarm records, which were basically the collision accidents between the vehicles in Hangzhou city and the vehicles in front of the lane change, and all were the responsibility of the other party.

Dash cam video

Through one months investigation, traffic police found that taxi driver Xu Yufu used the taxi as the crime vehicle. During the two years driving in Hangzhou urban road, he deliberately collided with the normal lane changing vehicle, and after the traffic accident, he cheated the insurance company to determine the loss and claim amount, and then made the difference by using the loophole that the actual repair cost was far lower than the claim amount.

According to the investigation, Xu made 78 traffic accidents by bumping porcelain, which defrauded the insurance company of more than 250000 yuan in the amount of loss determination and claims and made more than 90000 yuan in profits. There are a large number of porcelain bumps and a large amount of accumulated money.

On December 5, 19, Xu was arrested by Hangzhou traffic police for fraud.

In 2019, Hangzhou traffic police launched the moth killing action. Through the analysis of big data of police situation, it was found that Yao moths were guilty of fraud and deliberately damaging public and private property by means of touching porcelain. Relying on the big data platform and precise analysis, the police found some road cases suspected of porcelain bumping.

Through investigation, a number of fraud cases involving taxi and online car Hailing drivers were solved, and the amount involved was estimated to be more than 3 million. At present, 24 people have been seized and detained according to law.

Hangzhou traffic police said that this kind of porcelain bumping case is basically based on the fact that the suspect drives the vehicle on the road. When he finds that the vehicle in front of him has changed lanes, he deliberately steps on the accelerator to hit or does not step on the brake to allow the accident to happen, so as to create a traffic accident in which the driver of the other party takes full responsibility.

Usually, after the accident, the criminal suspect will make use of the loophole that the insurance companys fixed loss settlement price is generally higher than the actual maintenance cost of the vehicle to earn the difference in the repair price. For example, if the bumper of the suspects own vehicle is damaged, the opposite insurance companys fixed loss amount is 1200 yuan, and the suspect can repair the vehicle at the repair shop he knows 300 yuan, so that he can earn 800 yuan difference Four or five times in a row, save enough to repair the car, or buy a can of spray paint to repair the paint.

Because many of these suspects are taxi drivers and online car Hailing drivers, and some of them are willing to plan. Under the guise that they are driving operating vehicles, they intimidate the other side with the reason that they will produce 500 yuan of work delay fee every day during the repair period. If they dont privately, they will put the car in the repair shop for several days to repair it, so as to directly benefit from the other sides drivers.

In addition to intentionally bumping porcelain to defraud, the traffic police also found out that there are also a few people who often report accidents to the police. Because they are dissatisfied with the congestion and lane change of other vehicles on the road, they have deliberately bumped into the lane change vehicles. They were also detained for intentionally damaging others property.

Traffic police said it was a crime to intentionally crash other vehicles to extort money. Some seemingly intelligent and seamless behaviors are all under the control of the police. Do not try the law by example.

In addition, the traffic police department also reminds you that you must pay more attention when driving on the road.

How to prevent being touched with porcelain? What should I do if Im touched by porcelain?

Installing the dash cam

It is recommended to install a tachograph on the driving vehicle to record the driving conditions. In case of an accident or other unexpected conditions, information or evidence can be provided.

Check more before driving

Its a good habit to check around the car before driving. In this way, we can not only understand the situation of the car, remove some obstacles in time, but also avoid some porcelain bumping behaviors. For example, some porcelain bumpers will put the boxes in the blind area of vision, and when the owners start to bump into them, the porcelain bumpers will claim against the owners for the damage of valuables.

Comply with traffic regulations

In many cases, touch porcelain will appear when the car owner drives illegally. At this time, if there is an accident, the owner of the car generally feels that there is a mistake first, and it is easier to accept private. Therefore, when driving, you must consciously abide by the traffic laws and regulations, do not drive illegally, drive in a civilized way, and do not give the porcelain bumpers a chance.

Insist on alarm handling

After being touched by porcelain, dont be afraid of trouble. Be sure to call the police. Touched by porcelain is generally afraid of being exposed and guilty. If you insist on calling the police again and again, he may give up.

Insist on compensation after hospital inspection

If there are injured, we must insist on going to the hospital for examination, so that most of them can scare away the porcelain bumpers; if we do not care about the porcelain bumpers, we must also insist on going to the hospital for examination, and notify the insurance company as soon as possible, to avoid or reduce our losses.

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