Eight securities companies show their faces on the list of gold stocks at the beginning of the year

 Eight securities companies show their faces on the list of gold stocks at the beginning of the year

However, the securities companies on the first month of the years A-share market research and judgment, but there are big differences: some securities companies think that the A-share rate is probably the spring of restless market. But there are also more cautious securities companies, with a calm attitude towards the spring market.

Three gold shares including Sany Heavy Industry

Recommended by several securities companies

According to incomplete statistics from the Securities Daily, as of January 2, a total of 16 securities companies continued to recommend gold shares in January, with 144 recommended gold shares in total. Among them, 24 gold stocks including Sany Heavy Industry, Vanke A, Huatai Securities, perfect world, century Huatong, Ping An Bank were recommended by 2 or more securities companies at the same time.

At the same time, Vanke A is also jointly recommended by five securities companies, namely, Zhongtai securities, Societe Generale Securities, Founder Securities, Great Wall Securities and Pacific Securities. The recommendation logic given by Founder Securities to the stock is that the sales have been steadily improved, and the strength of land acquisition has been weakened. The significant increase of settlement amount and investment income promote the companys performance growth, and the improvement of turnover rate promotes the growth of roe. The interest bearing debt ratio has declined, and the company maintains a relatively sufficient cash flow.

It is worth mentioning that Huatai Securities, as one of the top securities companies, was jointly recommended by four securities companies, namely Great Wall Securities, Bank of China International, Societe Generale Securities and Tianfeng securities in the first month of the year. The logic of its recommendation by Great Wall Securities is that Huatai Securities has the largest stock base trading volume in the industry, and its wealth management transformation is possible; Huatai Securities is also the first a + H + g-share securities company in China; meanwhile, Huatai Securities is the first a + H + g-share securities company in China The mixed reform plan of Thailand securities was implemented, and the professional manager system was implemented to stimulate competitiveness.

In addition, four gold stocks are also jointly recommended by three securities companies: perfect world is jointly recommended by Guojin securities, Xingye securities and Guosheng securities; century Huatong is jointly recommended by YueKai securities, Guoxin Securities and Everbright Securities; Ping An Bank is jointly recommended by Great Wall Securities, Dongxing securities and Everbright Securities; Hualu Hengsheng is jointly recommended by Xingye securities, Anxin securities and Tianfeng securities.

At present, compared with annual gold stocks, securities companies seem to be more willing to recommend monthly gold stocks. In this way, securities companies stock recommendation strength can also be timely verified by the market, which has more reference value than annual gold stocks. In response, Zhang Qiyao, chief strategist of Guosheng securities, added to the Securities Daily, not only that, but also the enthusiasm of securities companies to launch monthly gold stocks takes into account the needs of customers.

Zhu bin, chief strategy analyst of Southwest Securities, explained the allocation strategy of securities companies gold shares in the first month of the year: as the January of the opening of 2020, the advantage of core assets is still obvious. In January, the allocation of gold shares also took this into account. It was mainly allocated to pharmaceutical, consumer, TMT and other industries with weak growth, while increasing the allocation of cyclical industries.

At the beginning of 2020, securities companies also actively forecast the market trend of a shares in January. A number of securities companies believe that there is a spring restless market in the approximate rate of a shares. At the current time point, investors are advised to gradually layout a shares in the index adjustment. However, some securities companies are more cautious, suggesting that investors should be calm about the follow-up market of A-share market.

Securities Daily noted that for the first month of the years market forecast, four securities companies, including Guojin securities, CITIC Securities, Societe Generale Securities and Guoxin Securities, had a more positive strategic view. Among them, Li Lifengs strategy team of Guojin Securities believes that there is spring agitation in the approximate rate of a shares in January, and the upward trend of a share market shock will continue, but only in the process of a share upward, there will be disturbances from factors such as new share issuance, lifting the ban, Spring Festival, etc.

According to the analysis of Wang Deluns strategy team of Societe Generale Securities, recently the revised version of the securities law has been officially passed, the reform of stock loan interest rate has become market-oriented, and the regulatory rules for cash management financial products have been introduced. Multiple advantages such as accelerated reform, improved system, and risk-free interest rate downward have broken out in the near future, adding new chips and confidence to the long bull in the A-share market.

Yan Xiang, chief strategist at Guosen Securities, said the New Years market is expected to open in 2020. Judging from the characteristics of the market, the approximate rate of A-share market in January will continue the trend at the end of last year, and the undervalued sector will continue to move towards valuation return. The expectation of global economic recovery, the recent rise of commodity prices and the continuous introduction of domestic policy easing will also be the fuse and catalyst for valuation return of the cyclical sector.

While most securities companies are optimistic about the opening market in 2020, some suggest that investors should be particularly cautious.

Huatai Securities strategy team said that from the perspective of calendar effect and macro data window, the opening of the red envelope market may continue until the Spring Festival, but after the Spring Festival, the A-share market may face some pressure.

Chen Guo, chief strategist of Anxin securities, also believes that even if there is a good result of the fall in January this year, investors have a peaceful attitude towards the spring market. At present, it is not suitable to treat the market on the premise of restlessness, but to choose industries and companies with a diligent attitude.

Source: responsible editor of Securities Daily: Yang qian_nf4425