U.S. defense chief warns Iran to take the lead, saying it is not afraid of war

 U.S. defense chief warns Iran to take the lead, saying it is not afraid of war

Infographic: President trump of the United States. Photo by Chen Meng, reporter of China News Agency

There are signs that they may be planning further attacks, which is nothing new Weve had this view for two or three months. Esper said.

Iranian backed protesters stopped their two-day protest at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday after sending extra troops to Washington.

President trump, facing the 2020 election, accused Iran of planning violence. He threatened to retaliate against Iran on the 1st, but later said he didnt want to start a war.

Irans foreign ministry strongly protested to the United States against the situation in Iraq after us drones attacked targets of the Shiite movement. On January 1, Irans Foreign Ministry summoned the representative of Switzerland, who represents the interests of the United States in Tehran, and conveyed through him a resolute protest against the militarism and violation of the Charter of the United Nations of American officials.

The Assistant Foreign Minister of Iran protested against the United States and asked the Swiss affairs agency to convey to the United States that Iraq is an independent country and its people pursue freedom and independence, the statement said

Irans foreign ministry also urged the United States to give up its groundless accusations against Tehran, saying that although Iran is not a militaristic country, it will do its best to protect itself.

On Tuesday, Hussein salami, commander-in-chief of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, said Iran was not intimidated by Trumps threat and would rout American forces if the war broke out. We are not leading this country to war, but we are not afraid of any war, we tell the United States to treat Iran correctly, he said. We have the ability to defeat them many times, and we are not worried.

After the US air raid on the base of Hezbollah brigade supported by Iran on December 29, 2019, there was unrest outside the US embassy in Baghdad. The US said the air strike, which killed 25 people, was in retaliation for an Iranian missile attack that killed a US contractor in northern Iraq last week.

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