Yemeni Hussein forces release six Saudi prisoners of war and demand a change of capture

 Yemeni Hussein forces release six Saudi prisoners of war and demand a change of capture

Abdul Kadir murtaza, the official in charge of prisoners of war, said that the Hussein armed forces handed over six Saudi prisoners of war to ICRC personnel in Sanaa, the capital.

According to the associated press, with murtaza as the source, the Hussein armed forces demanded that the Saudi led multinational alliance release more Hussein armed personnel.

The Saudi side has not responded to the murtaza statement for the time being.

Hussein forces seized Sanaa, Yemens capital, in 2014, forcing President Abdullah Mansur al Hadi to seek refuge in Saudi Arabia. In March 2015, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries launched a military operation code named decisive storm against the Hussein armed forces.

In December 2018, the Yemeni government and the Hussein armed forces held a dialogue in Stockholm, Sweden, and reached an agreement on important issues such as the ceasefire in hodeida and the exchange of prisoners of war. According to reports, the two sides put forward a list of more than 10000 prisoners, including the Yemeni government, the Hussein armed forces and the Saudi led multinational coalition.

Hussein forces released more than 200 prisoners of war last September, including many Saudis. Sources said that Saudi Arabia has stepped up informal negotiations with the Hussein armed forces with a view to ending the war in Yemen. (Chen Lixi) [Xinhua News Agency micro feature

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