Whitney Houstons adopted sons death lawyer: drug abuse destroys life

 Whitney Houstons adopted sons death lawyer: drug abuse destroys life

Nick Gordon was confirmed dead by his lawyer at the age of 30.

Netease Entertainment reported on January 3 that Nick Gordon was the ex boyfriend of Bobby Kristina, the late beloved daughter of Whitney Houston in the United States. Barbie was found drowning in the bathtub at home in 2015, which was still invalid after rescue. Nick was her boyfriend immediately listed as a homicide suspect, but was not sentenced at last Criminal responsibility, but now the death of Nick, at the age of 30.

Barbie Christine fell in love with her mothers adopted unrelated brother Nick, and the two also made a love story.

According to foreign media reports, Joe habachy, Nicks lawyer, confirmed the news of Nicks death and said sadly, its quite a heavy heart to learn that a long-time client died.

As for the cause of Nicks death, Joe refused to disclose, saying only: its not convenient for me to disclose the exact cause of his death. I can only say that every time I see those young people who have everyones love and great potential, but destroy their lives because they are addicted to drugs, I feel quite sad.

Nick, an orphan, was adopted by Whitney Houston at the age of 12 and grew up with Barbie Christine. After Whitney Houston died in 2012, the two became more and more passionate.

Barbie Christine was found drowning in her bathtub at home. She died when she was only 22 years old.

Barbie Christine was found comatose in the bathtub at home in January 2015. After half a year of rescue, she was still declared incurable on July 26. She was 22 years old. Her autopsy confirmed that she died of drowning, lobar pneumonia, alcohol and drug reactions in her body, so she was considered to have died of more than a simple cause.

Lawyer Nick Gordon declined to give the exact cause of his death.

Nick, who was Barbie Christines boyfriend at that time, disappeared one hour before the crime. He was accused by Barbies family of murderer and claimed US $50 million (about RMB 350 million) as a suspect.

However, when Nick was in court on September 16, 2016, he evaded the whole court, but he did not need to bear criminal responsibility for Barbies death due to insufficient evidence.

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