Chinas swimming relay program has become a weak point, exposing the weakness of the reserve force

 Chinas swimming relay program has become a weak point, exposing the weakness of the reserve force

At the world championships in Guangzhou, the Chinese swimming team achieved 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals, among which there were both the gold medal and the unexpected joy. Sun Yang has won four consecutive championships in the mens 400m freestyle event, and has also included the 200m freestyle gold medal in his pocket, raising the number of gold medals in the world championships of his career to 11. Xu Jiayu successfully defended the champion of mens 100m backstroke and became the third person to defend this event in the world championship. The unexpected surprise was Xin Xin, 23, who won the womens 10km open water swimming champion in the world championships with a score of 1 hour, 54 minutes, 47 seconds and 20, and achieved zero breakthrough for the Chinese team in the open water swimming competition of the world championships. Xin Xins excellent performance shows that she is superior to European and American athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. In addition, ye Shiwen, who enjoys the competition more and more, won two silver medals in the womens 200m and 400m medley and won the fourth place in 200m breaststroke. Yan Zibei, with a more stable mind, picked copper in the mens 100m breaststroke event, breaking and equalizing the Asian record four times. Wang jianjiahe, a 17-year-old who is on the rise, won the bronze medal in the womens 1500 meter freestyle, a new event of the Tokyo Olympic Games. They will all be the hope of the Chinese swimmers to win gold and silver in the Tokyo Olympic Games. The 17-year-old young player who has set the world youth record for womens 200m freestyle, Yang Junqi, Yu Jingyao, Ji Xinjie and other reserve forces have made outstanding performances in the world championships, and the future is promising.

However, the Guangzhou World Championships also let the Chinese swimmers see the gap with the worlds top players. Players from all countries have broken the world record nine times in this world championship. The traditional strong team USA led with 14 gold, followed by Australia. It is worth mentioning that the Australian team also shows a more balanced strength in relay events. On the contrary, the Chinese team did not gain in the world championship relay project, and failed to obtain the Olympic Qualification of mens 4 u00d7 100m freestyle relay and mens 4 u00d7 100m medley relay, which exposed the weakness of the reserve force.

The Chinese team achieved 3:43.79 in the 4 u00d7 100m medley relay event of the fina Swimming World Cup in Jinan, ranking seventh in the world championships. According to fina, by May 22, 2020, the top 16 relay teams can be shortlisted for the Tokyo Olympic Games. With this achievement, the Chinese team has great hopes of winning the tickets for the Tokyo Olympic Games. For another mens 4 u00d7 100m freestyle relay project that has not yet won the qualification, the Chinese team will have the opportunity to fully compete in the National Swimming Championship in Qingdao in March 2020, which is recognized by the International Swimming Federation as the Olympic standard event. If successful, the Chinese swimmers will compete in the whole event at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

After the training of the 2019 world series, the Chinese swimmers have accumulated more experience in preparing for and participating in the competition. Adhering to the concept of physical strength first, Tokyo leading, the Chinese swimmers are preparing for the battle through winter training. Swimmers who have set their sights on Tokyo time ahead of time are ready to go all out to do well at the Tokyo Olympics.

Source of this paper: responsible editor of China Sports Daily: Cao Liqiao and ns1806