Chinas top 500 companies by market value: Alibaba Tencents top two Baidu fell out of the top 20

 Chinas top 500 companies by market value: Alibaba Tencents top two Baidu fell out of the top 20

According to statistics of 21 data news laboratory, as of January 1, 2020, there are 7343 Chinese listed companies listed on 15 exchanges in the world, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, New York, etc., 382 more than at the beginning of 2019 (delisted companies are not excluded temporarily). The total market value is 105.71 trillion yuan (the same below), an increase of more than 30% compared with 80.82 trillion yuan a year ago.

The head effect of Chinese listed companies is more and more obvious. The total market value of the top 500 companies is 71.82 trillion, which not only contributes nearly 70% of the total market value, but also increases higher than the average level of listed companies.

The market value of the top 500 has reached a new high. According to the data, the entry threshold of this top 500 list is 32.684 billion yuan, 7.7 billion yuan higher than that of the previous year. The goalkeeper is Alibaba pictures (1060. HK). Although the market value increased by 10.87%, the ranking dropped by 95, hovering on the edge of the list.

The top three are still old faces Alibaba. N, Tencent Holdings (0700. HK) and industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398. SH), which are hard to shake in the short term. In 2019, Alibaba officially returned to the Hong Kong stock exchange, with a total market value of nearly 4 trillion yuan, surpassing Tencent and taking the top position in the value of Hong Kong stock market.

The change of top20 company is obvious. Meituan reviews, Wuliangye, postal savings bank and Industrial Bank came behind, while Yangtze Power, Bank of communications, China Shenhua, Baidu, etc. were squeezed out. Among them, Baidus latest market value is 305.5 billion, down from 18 last year to 37 this year, and its market value is less than that of meituan, Jingdong and pinduoduo, leaving the top 5 Internet companies in China.

As a whole, the top 500 companies are still concentrated in Finance (87), information technology (49), real estate (41), medicine and Biology (37) and other industries. Compared with the beginning of 2019, the number of electronic and non-bank finance companies increased by 18 and 6 respectively, while the number of real estate companies and banks declined.

The 86 companies on the list are no longer old people.. Most of the newly entered companies come from the electronics, food and beverage, information technology industries, 23 of which are newcomers listed in 2019. Although they are no longer batch Unicorn enterprises, there are still star stocks such as Budweiser Asia Pacific and Ruixing coffee.

In addition to the 23 newly listed companies mentioned above, 404 of the top 500 companies achieved different growth in market value. Moreover, Wuhan Zhongshang, Zhonggong education, CITIC special steel and other backdoor listed companies have more than 10 times market value compared with the beginning of 2019. The 73 companies whose market value has shrunk are mostly concentrated in public utilities, building decoration and other industries.

From a regional perspective, the number and total market value of the top 500 companies in Beijing, Guangdong and Hong Kong are far higher than those in other regions, with 97, 63 and 61 companies respectively. Guangdong is not only a big city, but also a fast one. Compared with the beginning of 2019, there are 7 more enterprises in Guangdong, ranking first, followed by 4 in Hebei. It is worth noting that there are nine Hong Kong companies down, with a total market value of more than trillion.

Attached is the latest list of Chinas top 500 listed companies by market value in 2020:

Source: editor in charge of 21st century economic report: Wang Fengzhi