Three years after Wei Zexi left, the people left behind are still struggling to live

 Three years after Wei Zexi left, the people left behind are still struggling to live

Surging characters open up return visit column, hoping to leave their life mark in a longer time span.

They, too, are us.

Surging news reporter Shen Wendi intern sun Shanshan, Li Sijie, Zhan Jinyao

Mom, after I leave, you must find a way to have another child.

The young man suffering from cancer died the next morning, leaving a question about the greatest evil of human nature.

Three years later, Wei Zexis last wish came true. On the day before the Mid Autumn Festival in 2019, the news that Wei Zexis parents got a son through in vitro baby surgery spread all over the Internet, and this traumatized family came to some relief.

But just like the eternal regret left by the dead relatives, those who are directly or indirectly involved in the storm are still suffering from the continuous pain and uneasiness. They are worried about being forgotten and trying to live.

Go away

Wei Zexi was buried in a cemetery in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province. Its about 200 meters from the intersection to the main entrance of the cemetery. At the foot of the road is a long and straight concrete road, isolating the noise on the road.

Wei Zexis tombstone surging news reporter Shen Wendi

Wei Zexi, born in 1994, was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma at the age of 20. During the period of seeking medical treatment, he received biological immunotherapy (DC-CIK) in the second hospital of Beijing corps of the armed police, which had no effect, delayed the opportunity of treatment, and eventually died prematurely.

After the tombstone, he recorded his short life: Xian University of Electronic Science and technology, excellent in both character and learning, through the collection of history, clear in the chest, talking and laughing, code writing.

However, he died in the old days. If youre still alive, its probably already in America, isnt it? A netizen left a message on Wei Zexis microblog.

In Xian Electronic and Science University, Wei Zexi s alma mater, every teaching building appears solemn and dignified. Students with schoolbags hurry to enter and exit their own laboratories. After graduating, Wei Zexis students went to different places, and his counselors were transferred to other schools. Memories of him are fading away.

Shen wenditu, a surging journalist from the school where Wei Zexi once worked

The impression becomes blurred. Wei Zexis former monitor Yang Xiaotian (pseudonym) said. But he always remembered that when he saw Wei Zexi for the first time, he was very kind and did not feel strange at all. At that time, Wei Zexi dropped out of school for a year due to illness, and Yang Xiaotian helped him to go through the formalities. Wei Zexi told Yang Xiaotian that he was still writing the data structure program during the suspension.

Later, in retrospect, Yang Xiaotian understood why Wei Zexi worked so hard. Perhaps after a serious illness, he felt that time was more precious, and he wanted to try to seize what was at hand.


Located in Xianyang, northwest guomian No. 1 factory was founded in the 1950s. It is the first Guoying cotton textile factory in New China, and once enjoyed its heyday.

Now, the prosperity is gone. Entering from the front of the old family home is a cement road leading to the bottom, with rusty and black heating pipes crisscrossing in the air.

Residential buildings are arranged on the right side of the road, and the old house of weizexi is the deepest one. He was born here on February 18, 1994, the ninth day of the lunar new year. 25 years later, people in the community dont remember the childs name, but when they mention Wei Haiquans nickname, they all remember it.

This child loves to learn from childhood. Dont worry about adults. He is not as naughty as others. A 70 something old man recalled downstairs.

She didnt know about Jesses illness. Maybe its after they moved out. She didnt know that Wei Zexi had news of her younger brother, Oh, thats great.

The couple of Wei Haiquan may have mixed feelings when they hear a light blessing from an outsider.

At the end of the year when she lost her only son Wei Zexi, Wei Haiquans wife began to take traditional Chinese medicine to recuperate her body. Her bilateral fallopian tubes had been blocked, and her natural fertility prospects were slim. At the local obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, no older woman could be found.

The couple began to try IVF. If God gave us one, well stay. Wei Haiquan said in an interview earlier.

Before the first egg collection, he gave his wife nine days of row stimulating injections, six a day. In order to let the medicine fully enter the body, they massage and heat over and over again, hoping that they all rely on this small follicle.

Wei Zexis parents. network diagram

After 3 times of oocyte collection, 5 follicles were obtained and 2 healthy embryos were formed, the final transfer was not successful.

Wei Haiquan and his wife had to start a new round of pregnancy preparation. A year later, they finally waited for a new life. Wei Haiquan said that this is Gods care for them, the newborn brought laughter and hope..

For the past three years, the couple couldnt forget the loss of their son.

Now they have moved out of the old family home. The new one is a new community. There are several ping-pong tables in the open space of the community. Every weekend, there are old people with their children coming to practice. Some people push baby carriages to watch and chat with each other.

Will this also become the daily life of Wei Haiquan and his wife in the future?

Wei Haiquan and his wifes community surging news reporter Shen wenditu


A month after Wei Zexi left, her mother received a phone call. The other side claimed that she was a cancer patients family member. You got so much compensation, give us a little bit, we dont have money to see a doctor, he said on the phone.

Who gave us a cent? Mother Wei hung up angrily. Not only did they not receive compensation, they did not receive an apology.

Without an apology, there are many patients who have been induced to receive DC-CIK therapy like Wei Zexi.

In retrospect, Cui Peng felt that his mother had been wronged.

In 1999, Cui Peng graduated from junior high school. His mother was found to have non Hodgkins lymphoma. Doctors told him that there was not much time, but his mother still accompanied him for more than ten years. What really bothers the mother is the hepatocirrhosis ascites symptoms after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The swelling liquid bulged her thin body, and she couldnt even sleep on her back. Every two months, she would go to the hospital to collect the fluid in her abdomen. The needles were tightly packed, costing more than 10000 yuan each time.

During this period, her mother kept searching for medicine on the Internet until the summer of 2015, she noticed a treatment called biological immunotherapy. Also through Baidu, she contacted Guo Yuesheng, a doctor at the second Armed Police Hospital in Beijing. In the chat window that came with the website, she said, the cure rate is 94%.

The mother asked her son what he meant, but Cui Peng also heard about it for the first time. In private, he went online to search. He saw that the hospital is a regular military hospital, and the doctors have been on CCTV. Should it be reliable? Cui Peng didnt expect her mother to be cured completely, but any way to relieve her pain was worth trying.

Cui Peng understands his mothers mood: he wants to bring him more children and lighten the burden of his family. The seemingly magical biotherapy ignited her hopes.

Cuis mother, a former head nurse herself, thinks Dr Guos words make sense in theory. She and her son soon get on the train to Beijing.

In the second hospital of the armed police, the first doctor they met was Li Zhiliang. He was thin and tall, wearing gold glasses and military uniform. Li was also Wei Zexis doctor at that time. Later, they met Guo Yuesheng on the two floor, wearing a white coat, wearing a green shirt and dark green tie, exactly the same as the image on TV.

Guo Yuesheng gave them a case set of tumor biotechnology, which included a CD-ROM with the words multicellular biological treatment, light of science and technology, hope of curing tumor and the platform of large and small TV stations.

Books edited by Li Zhiliang provided by interviewees

Photo of the interviewee on CD presented by the second Armed Police Academy

Different from the cure mentioned earlier, Guo Yuesheng said that after receiving biological treatment, Cuis liver cirrhosis will not recur for 3-5 years.

Cuis mother was hospitalized in the hospital that day and drew blood for cell culture the next day. According to the treatment plan, Cuis mother will be operated on in a few days, and the cultured cells will be transferred from the thigh artery to the focus organ, so as to exert the curative effect.

He didnt expect that, two months later, his mothers farewell without saying a word.

I dont agree

The doctor initially analyzed the cause of Cuis death as multiple organ failure, and the specific cause required autopsy. Cui Peng refused. He said he didnt want his mother to suffer any more. He also didnt tell the doctor that his mother had done biological treatment. If there was no accident, six months later, they would go to the second hospital of the armed police for reexamination.

Cui Peng immediately bought a ticket to Beijing. At that time, the gate of the second Academy of the armed police had been blocked, leaving only one persons access, guarded by someone. Seeing this, Cui pengrigid in there, do not know where to go.

According to the information released by China, the second armed police hospital was closed for rectification from May 4, 2016. On the evening of May 9, an investigation team composed of the state health and Family Planning Commission and other departments said that the second armed police hospital had problems such as illegal cooperation of departments, false information and misleading patients with medical advertisements, and transferred medical personnel suspected of illegal crimes to judicial organs for handling.

But Cui Peng also wants a statement, even an apology. Two months later, he took his mothers medical record to the second Armed Police Hospital and registered in a nearby office. A staff member said to him, we have to wait for this. Ill call you later if theres any news..

Its been three years, nothing. Cui Peng said, silent for a long time.

In that year, he went back and forth to Handan and Beijing for many times. The law firm at the gate of Haidian District Court consulted him, but the reply was basically the same, and the case could not be solved.

One of the lawyers put pen to record his situation, but hesitated and put pen down. Young man, go back to work. There are many people coming for your mothers business. There are people who spend more money than you do. But this lawsuit is a war of attrition. Even if you win, its not worth it.

Later, at the suggestion of the lawyer, Cui Peng went to the mediation department, still registering and waiting for a phone call. He has also tried to tweet his experiences, but the information cant be sent out.

Throughout 2016, Cui Peng had a very difficult time. It was the first year when he lost his mother. Since then, he has never been to aunts house. Because mother and aunt look alike, he would cry when he saw aunt.

In the second half of the year, he lost his job as manager of the 4S shop. Before he went to Beijing for treatment, he bought a new house and paid off half of the loan. Now the new house has also been sold. He and his father, wife and children are crammed into an old house of 60 square meters and still owe tens of thousands of yuan to the bank.

Controversial immunotherapy

The second hospital of Beijing corps of armed police, once bustling and bustling, is now deserted. The metal inscription on the top of the gate has been removed. The gate of the fence is closed, leaving only a narrow gap. A courier brother squeezed out of the gap, indicating that there are still people living here.

At that time, five doctors in the biological diagnosis and treatment center also emptied their micro blog accounts and disappeared.

In May 2016, the national health and Family Planning Commission (now the national health and Health Commission) called for an emergency stop of the clinical application of the medical institutions in the field of cellular immunotherapy, allowing them to do clinical research only, and not to carry out fee based treatment. In December of the same year, the State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA, now the State Food and Drug Administration) issued the technical guidelines for the research and evaluation of cell products (Draft for comments), which explicitly put forward the inclusion of cell immunotherapy products into drug supervision for the first time.

But for DC-CIK, a cell-based immunotherapy technique, the investigation group did not have a qualitative analysis. Wang yuedan, a professor in the Immunology Department of Peking Universitys medical department, said that for patients receiving this treatment, no qualitative means that the claim is not based.

In April 2017, the national health and Family Planning Commission replied to the surging news that from the clinical research and application of CIK in immunotherapy for many years, although it can significantly prolong the total survival period and improve the quality of life of patients, the treatment has problems such as uneven quality of cell preparation, low specificity and great difference in individual efficacy, as well as side effects such as organ damage, which is not yet the case It has the conditions for further extensive clinical application and needs further in-depth study.

A year later, in October, the 2018 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to James Ellison, an American scientist, and bensuyou, a Japanese scientist, for their discovery of cancer therapies that inhibit immune regulation, which eventually led to the production of immunodrugs such as PD-1 / CTLA-4 inhibitors.

Dong Chen, Dean of the Medical College of Tsinghua University and director of the Institute of immunology, said in an interview with the peoples daily, there are some controversies about immunotherapy, mainly because some people equate DC-CIK therapy with immunotherapy, which is not accurate. Immunotherapy may be an important weapon for human beings to defeat tumors in the future, but in China, clinical research is still weak, and human understanding of the autoimmune system and tumor immunotherapy is still a tip of the iceberg.

The struggle of ant dish

Ant dish didnt see Wei Zexi, but the fate of the two had some connection between life and death.

At the end of 2015, the ant dish, the owner of Baidus hemophilia paster bar, found that there was an official bar owner Liu Shannxi in the bar. Many of the patients alleged that Liu Shannxi was not an expert, but a medical liar.

Not long after that, ant dish was replaced and banned, and a large number of excellent posts were deleted. He realized that hemophilia bar was sold!

Anger, disappointment, sadness, all kinds of emotions wrapped in ant food, he wrote a post whats the taste of blood, making a sensation on the Internet.

This is a struggle of ant food, the opponent is the commercial giant.

He won. On January 12, 2016, baidu announced that all kinds of disease pastes had stopped commercial cooperation and were only open to authoritative public welfare organizations. In August of the same year, Liu Shannxi, the new owner of the bar, sued ant cuisine for violating its reputation right, and then dismissed the lawsuit in September.

Three years later, he returned to Panzhihua, Sichuan Province as Zhang Jianyong, 41, a tutor. Life is not too big. In addition to the worse and worse body, he injected coagulation factor more frequently. Because of the lack of coagulation factor in blood friends, they would bleed excessively. At present, there is no cure, so they can only be injected for life.

When he was a child, he broke a small wound like the tip of a melon seed in his mouth, but it bled for a month, almost shocked. What annoys him even more is the internal bleeding - the accumulation of blood in the joints causes the synovium to thicken, which compresses the blood vessels, at the same time, it will corrode the bones and lead to deformation, unable to walk for a long time. The electric wheelchair has become the most cost-effective thing he has ever bought.

Injection is embedded in his life. In the past two years, sometimes he only takes it once a week, and sometimes two or three times a week, each time not enough injection.

The long-term injection caused his blood vessels to atrophy badly. One day in September, his father stabbed the needle into his blood vessel 10 times, breaking the previous record of 8 times. Now, his fight is against time.

In middle age, people are in a mess. He said that 2018 is probably the most difficult year - the family has been sick and hospitalized one after another; after 19 years of being a tutor, he found that students are more and more difficult to recruit, and parents requirements are higher and higher; his energy and time are not enough, so he needs to stick the bar, rotate the forum wheel, and take care of the children.

Its probably a midlife crisis. He smiled bitterly.

But he was optimistic, and he talked about it all the time. From time to time, there was a baby crying on the other end of the phone. He said apologetically that his daughter was less than a year old and he still needed to help his wife take care of her.

He loves his children very much, which is why he chose to be a tutor.

He gets up early every morning and takes his eldest daughter to kindergarten. He sat in an electric wheelchair, his daughter sat on his lap, and he told her stories and chatted with her all the way, which was his most enjoyable time.

In the afternoon, he began to prepare for class. More than 20 students, from primary school to junior high school, are divided into evening classes and interest classes. He teaches children integrity and courage, just like when he faced the huge Baidu, but he never mentioned these things to his parents and students.

Ant dish in the living room

Ant food has arranged a room in the home as a picture for the interviewees in the classroom

He knows a lot, but trapped in this body, many dreams can not be realized.

Not long ago, a student came to Mianyang for the exam. Before leaving, he wrote in his message book, Mr. Zhang, I will help you to see the world with my eyes and measure the world with my feet. He has seen the appearance of death: colorful light, black hole drag It was a near death reaction. So every day, he is racing against time: when he works till night, he has to turn on the computer to deal with the problems of patients and netizens after seeing off the students. I am an ant, an ant walking on the earth, an ant who is diligent and never gives up forever. His wechat signature said. He said to many people that the biggest difference between himself and Wei Zexi is that he died and I am still alive. If there is still a bit of ideal, I hope that life will be like a meteor, a little longer and brighter in the night sky... Source: surging news editor: Wang Fengzhi, nt2541

Not long ago, a student came to Mianyang for the exam. Before leaving, he wrote in his message book, Mr. Zhang, I will help you to see the world with my eyes and measure the world with my feet.

So every day, he is racing against time: when he works till night, he has to turn on the computer to deal with the problems of patients and netizens after seeing off the students. I am an ant, an ant walking on the earth, an ant who is diligent and never gives up forever. His wechat signature said.

If there is still a bit of ideal, I hope that life will be like a meteor, a little longer and brighter in the night sky...