Lei Jun is busy at the beginning of the new year: Xiaomi will fight 5g Era

 Lei Jun is busy at the beginning of the new year: Xiaomi will fight 5g Era

At noon, Lei Jun sent another letter to all Xiaomi employees. In the letter, Lei Jun summarized 2019 and looked forward to 2020. He said that the past year is Xiaomis year of steady operation, and 2020 will be Xiaomis year of 5g business.

Next, Lei Jun announced three news, interestingly, the three news just echoed the three microblogs he published in the morning.

First of all, he announced that Xiaomi would invest at least 50 billion yuan in the 5g + aiot battlefield in the next five years; second, Xiaomi TVs annual shipment exceeded 10 million; finally, former Lenovo Group Vice President and head of mobile phone business Chang Cheng joined Xiaomi, who will be the vice president of Xiaomi group and be responsible for mobile phone product planning.

As of January 2, Hong Kong shares closed higher by 4.08% to HK $11.22. This is Xiaomis share prices new high in recent half a year, with a rise of more than 35% from the lowest point. It is undoubtedly a good omen for Xiaomi whose share price has been depressed for a long time.

Executives in dispute

The news that Chang Cheng joined Xiaomi was first announced by Lei Jun via Weibo. Later, the news triggered a heated discussion in the industry, and the reason why the outside world paid attention to it was that Chang Chengs identity switching was a little fast.

On December 31, 2019, Chang Cheng announced on his microblog that he had left Lenovo. At that time, he said, he grew up in Lenovo for 19 years, feeling, thanking and thanking..

As for Chang Chengs resignation, Lenovos official response at that time was that Chang Cheng has been fighting for a long time in the front line of mobile phones with fierce competition, and has been under great business pressure. As a result, his family has gathered less and left more. Based on his personal health and the desire to pay more attention to his family, Chang Cheng recently proposed to resign. The company thanks him for his great efforts, and he will continue to contribute to Lenovos mobile business as a consultant of Lenovo Mobile.

But just one day later, Chang Cheng turned around and joined Xiaomi, which surprised many people. A senior Internet analyst told reporters that Chang Cheng left Lenovo in the first step and joined Xiaomi in the second, which really embarrassed his old boss. The analyst also raised his own question. Did Lenovo and Chang Cheng not sign a competition agreement?

On the evening of February 2, in response to Chang Chengs joining Xiaomi, Lenovo said that the company and all senior executives have signed a non competition clause. If there is a breach of contract, the company will seek a proper solution to the problem within the legal framework, and jointly create a talent flow space that respects the spirit of the contract.

But judging from Chang Chengs status, his competitive agreement with Lenovo did not affect his joining Xiaomi. On the same day, he forwarded Lei Juns microblog and said, Guan Xuan, working hard for his dream on the first day of 2020, is excited and excited..

Lei Jun said in his letter about Chang Chengs joining, as long as we really agree with Xiaomis values, as long as our ability is outstanding, we are all eager for talents, and will continue to recruit more top talents in the industry in the global attitude of embracing hundreds of rivers.

In the past year, Xiaomi has made frequent movements in organization and personnel adjustment. According to the statistics of 21st century economic report, in 2019 alone, Xiaomi made up to nine organizational restructuring.

In the latest adjustment, Zhou Shouzi and Lu Weibing, as young executives of Xiaomi group, took over the international department and China respectively. Its worth noting that Lu Weibing is a newcomer who just joined Xiaomi at the beginning of 2019, but throughout 2019, the redmi brand in charge of Lu Weibing has made great progress.

Lei Jun said Xiaomi has laid the foundation of organizational management and has straightened out the organizational structure. The rotation mechanism started from the groups senior executives has been launched, we have promoted a large number of young cadres, and the talent echelon construction and training system of Qinghe University have also started to operate. A solid talent and team foundation is the foundation of Xiaomis Centennial plan.

The 5g Era

On December 10, 2019, Xiaomi released redmik30, starting from 1999 yuan. In Lu Weibings view, redmik30 has sounded Xiaomis attack horn in the face of 5g market.

According to Xiaomis financial report for the third quarter of 2019, both its mobile phone sales and revenue have declined year on year. Lu Weibing said in an interview with the 21st century economic reporter that this is because Lei Jun has formulated a steady development strategy. In the 4G to 5g switching period, Xiaomi chose not to rush forward, hoping not to turn the 4G product inventory into 5g burden.

But marked by the release of redmik30, Xiaomi will switch its development strategy from steady to radical. Lu Weibing said that in 2020, redmi will meet 5g in a more radical state, so there will be more new product launches. According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi will release at least 10 5g products in 2020.

At present, Xiaomi has made clear the strategic direction of 5g + AI + IOT next generation super Internet. Lei Jun said that 5g is not only the network performance of mobile phones, and aiot is not only AI technology or IOT platform, 5g + aiot will be the service ability throughout the whole product, platform and scene of Xiaomi group, and it is also the topic of Xiaomi Internet gene in the new era.

At the beginning of 2019, Xiaomi put forward allinaiots strategy and said that it would invest 10 billion yuan in five years. Lei Jun said that after one years practice, Xiaomi has fully verified the feasibility and correctness of the strategic direction and the necessity of strategic investment, so the investment should also be upgraded. In the next five years, Xiaomis investment in the 5g + aiot battlefield will be at least 50 billion yuan.

Lu Weibing once told reporters that the significance and value of 5g era for Xiaomi is just like the popularity of smart phones in 3G era. This is a particularly important historical opportunity, and this opportunity will bring Xiaomi the next decade, so Xiaomi also attaches great importance to it, and feels extremely excited and excited about this trend.

In April 2020, Xiaomi will celebrate its 10th anniversary. In the past 10 years, Xiaomi has made a significant contribution to Chinas business map. Last year, Xiaomi entered Fortune 500 for the first time, becoming the youngest top 500 company on the list, which is the best summary of Xiaomis first decade.

In the next 10 years, Xiaomi determined the strategy of mobile + aiot dual engine, and ushered in the opportunity of 5g era. For the future, Lei Jun is also full of self-confidence. He said, we should turn the continuous advantages of aiot and intelligent life into the absolute victory of the whole intelligent scene, and thoroughly establish the kings position in the intelligent era.

(Editor: Zhang Weixian)

Source: editor in charge of 21st century economic report: Yao Liwei ufe63 nt6056