Twenty thousand yuan concept machine MIX Alpha jump ticket has no new time to market

 Twenty thousand yuan concept machine MIX Alpha jump ticket has no new time to market

This years new years Day is a special day off, which leads to the rhythm of two-day shift, one-day leave and two-day shift. Its very easy to break down, but whats more, last years event may not be over, but its a new year. What we want to talk about here is Xiaomi. Last year, they released a mobile phone called surround screen mixalpha, and said that they will For small-scale mass production, it was scheduled to be listed at the end of December 2019, but when 2020 came, they didnt deliver.

Not to mention whether someone really expects it, or even remembers that Xiaomi has such a mobile phone, but Xiaomi is also a listed company after all, and should be responsible for their public statements, but for this embarrassing problem, Xiaomi has not made any official announcement at present, even Lei Jun, the CEO of the companys online Red, has no response on Weibo, only a good port Media abacus (under the South China Morning Post) said in the latest report that Xiaomi told them that there was no time for the launch of mixalpha, but it would be announced as soon as possible.

Mixalpha is Xiaomis most high-end positioning model last year. The biggest highlight is that it adopts a surround screen design. From the front to the side to the back of the fuselage, there is a complete screen, with the proportion of the so-called screen reaching 108%. Other configurations include the aviation titanium alloy frame, the 100 million pixel main camera, the Qualcomm snapdragon 855plus platform, etc., but what impresses you most is that it reaches 19999 This is Xiaomis most expensive cell phone ever.

In fact, after three generations of popularity, mix series has become a well-known high-end mobile phone series in the market, but Xiaomi chose to raise mix to the concept level, so as to enhance Xiaomis brand positioning in the market. This wave of operation still leaves everyone with doubts. Of course, for innovative products, we are encouraged first, so we hope that mixalpha can still Come on the market as soon as possible.

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