Burst! A luxury car collided with a taxi in Zhujiang New Town, and the air bag filled with debris popped out

 Burst! A luxury car collided with a taxi in Zhujiang New Town, and the air bag filled with debris popped out

Taxi drivers said that the speed of the SUV was very fast. After the collision between the head of the SUV and the right side of the taxi, the slightly thin taxi was forced to the sidewalk by the impact, and was once trapped in the car. My foot is a little sore now. I wonder if I just hit it with too much momentum..

As the location of the accident is surrounded by commercial and residential areas, the accident caused nearby residents and shopping mall customers to come to the location of the accident.

I dont know who broke the rules on both sides. The reporter saw that the driver of the SUV was not injured. He said he was planning to drive to handle affairs at the time of the incident. According to him, his car is not equipped with a tachograph, and the taxi is not equipped with a tachograph, so both sides call the police, and the police check the intersection to determine the responsibility.

I didnt run the red light. The taxi driver said he was not responsible for the accident. In addition to the accident liability, taxi drivers are more concerned about whether their cars can be repaired. Its very hurt to crash. Its estimated that it will affect daily work if they cant drive for a period of time.

Both cars lost a lot. The off-road vehicle insurance personnel went to the scene of the accident to investigate. According to the insurance personnel, it was only clear after the thorough examination of the vehicle. However, judging from the extent of the damage on site, only the injury of the off-road vehicle may cost more than 200000 yuan to be repaired. By 2:45 p.m., the traffic police at the scene had arranged two drivers to go to the nearby police station to watch the incident. The cause of the accident is under further investigation.

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