New look of the headquarters of the Hong Kong Police: the lobby is a chess board with 8 big red characters

 New look of the headquarters of the Hong Kong Police: the lobby is a chess board with 8 big red characters

Fan chufen, senior police Secretary of the research and supervision section of the service quality supervision department of the Hong Kong police force, said that when police officers enter and leave the elevator, a huge chessboard will come to our faces, which not only inspires peoples lofty aspirations to play in all directions, but also reminds people to think carefully and act prudently, placing new considerations and responsibilities on the police force.

According to reports, as Deng Bingqiang took office as the Commissioner of the Hong Kong police force, the police force changed to the new motto - loyalty, courage and determination, and a heart for society. How to demonstrate this mission? Inspired by enthusiastic citizens, the police department completed the concept of Chinese chess in one afternoon and formally arranged it in the building in mid December.

The pattern of Chinese chess is powerful and powerful. Fan said that Chinese chess represents Chinas long-standing culture and broad wisdom, while the Hong Kong Police Force has a history of more than 170 years and has gone through a lot of storms and waves, both of which are very consistent in content and form.

Fan believes that over the past six months, the practice storm has posed a great challenge to the police force. Many police officers work overtime, are very tired, and sometimes face life risks. However, no one in the police force has backed down, no fear or regret. It is an excellent team that can stand the test.

She believes that this experience has accumulated experience in handling similar incidents for police officers, and the Hong Kong Police Force will be more professional. Whats more, this incident makes us more mindful of our original intention to serve the people and the society, to make Hong Kong one of the safest cities in the world, and to provide people with a safe life.

Chinese people pay attention to life as a chess game, without regret. Therefore, every step should be like playing chess, with patience, wisdom and strategy. Everyone is playing a game of chess now. Every step should be considered carefully.

Breaking the law is absolutely unacceptable. Fan hopes that, like playing chess, the public will take their time and deal with challenges and differences in a more positive, positive and peaceful manner through communication and discussion, so as to restore peace and prosperity to Hong Kong.

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