CCTV anchor: if the fire passage is blocked, the public will lift the car if it is blocked!

 CCTV anchor: if the fire passage is blocked, the public will lift the car if it is blocked!

When the fire passage is blocked, people lift the car. Guo Zhijian: whoever adds the block, lift it! (source: video synthesis)

On January 2, 2020, many people went to work and started work. Lets see what news anchor Guo Zhijian said about todays broadcast.

Guo Zhijian:

Today is the first working day in 2020. How about starting work in the new year? Today, President Xi issued a mobilization order for training to the whole army, which is the No. 1 order of the Central Military Commission this year. In the past few years, President Xi Jinping has issued orders to the whole army on New Years day, with the theme of training mobilization and the focus of practical training. Officers and soldiers start training in the new year to prepare for the war, so that everyone has a full sense of security.

There are also firefighters to ensure everyones safety. Fire is an order. Wherever there is a fire, there are firefighters who try to arrive at the scene at the first time. However, in Chongqing, after a high-rise building caught fire on New Years day, people found that the fire passage was blocked by private cars.

This phenomenon has happened several times recently. In daily life, it is not uncommon for private cars to block the fire passage, which may be due to fluke mentality, but many misfortunes are due to fluke. In the fire in Chongqing, the onlookers finally lifted the cars blocking the road. Its illegal to block the fire passage, and its not too much to say that its an indirect killing. We cant artificially block the passage of life. Whoever blocks the passage of life should be lifted. The law must also let TA pay the price, because the passage of life cant be overbearing!

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