A husbands wife cheated on her husband. Her brother-in-law killed her husband after dating her boyfriend in 1998

 A husbands wife cheated on her husband. Her brother-in-law killed her husband after dating her boyfriend in 1998

Wife and cousin maintain improper relationship

The story starts six years ago. Lingling, born in 1993, married her husband. After marriage, she ran a boat with her husbands family. She and her husband also had two children. Lao Ding is Linglings husbands cousin. The two families often run one line. According to Lingling, her husband is mentally ill and has been hospitalized for two times. After leaving the hospital, her husbands temperament has changed greatly. He often beats her, and Lao Ding and his wife will come to persuade her. For a long time, Linglings relationship with laoding became ambiguous.

The reporter of Modern Express learned that in the summer of 2017, Lingling had a relationship with laoding, and the two were lovers. Two months later. Lingling ran away from home to work in Nanjing because she couldnt stand the current situation of her family. Old Ding will still keep in touch with Lingling. He wants to keep an improper relationship all the time. Otherwise, he will tell others about the relationship between the two people. Later, as long as he was free, he would come to Nanjing to have sex with Lingling.

After making a new boyfriend, the brother-in-law threatens with nude photos

In May 2018, Lingling met Xiao Xu, a 5-year-old boy, and they became friends. Old Ding is very angry when he knows it. He tries to destroy Linglings and Xiaoxus feelings in various ways. Dings control over Lingling is getting more and more strict. He even took nude photos and videos of her. Ding said that as long as Lingling didnt agree to have a relationship, she would send the video to her relatives and friends, show it to her parents, and let her fall into disrepute. In June 2018, Lingling broke up with laoding. Laoding asked her to repay the money she had called before, so she stopped harassing her.

Lingling asked someone to borrow money to return it to laoding, but laoding didnt fulfill his promise, and said that if she wanted to get rid of it completely, she had to sleep with him for another 100 nights. Old Dings intensified behavior made Lingling kill her heart. She tells Xiaoxu about these things and thoughts she has met, and Xiaoxu has been persuading her. Xiaoxu also told Lingling about these things to Xiaoma, a well connected colleague.

She was killed by constant harassment

In the Spring Festival of 2019, Ding continued to harass Lingling. She was very worried and scared. On February 6, 2019, the second day of the lunar new year, Lao Ding sent another message that he would come to Nanjing to find her. Lingling didnt agree, so Ding said something hard to hear. The angry Lingling determined to kill Lao Ding and decided to finish the matter completely.

On the evening of February 7, Lingling firmly told Xiaoxu that she wanted to kill laoding, but Xiaoxu disagreed. Lingling said, if you and I want to celebrate the Spring Festival in our hometown, we must kill laoding. On February 8, Lingling went to Nanjing south station to meet laoding. Xu was very uneasy and asked her colleague Xiaoma to accompany Lingling. On the way, Xiaoxu and Xiaoma said the idea of killing people. Xiaoma objected that it was unrealistic and unwilling to help. For this reason, Xiao Xu asked Xiaoma to help him to go to the place where he killed people and see the surrounding environment.

After arriving at the south station, Lingling gets off to meet laoding, while Xiaoma helps to check the killing place in advance, sends positioning and takes photos and videos to Xiaoxu, and then leaves.

Fell into the water and died after being beaten

After Lingling and laoding met, at her suggestion, they took a taxi to go shopping around the killing place for dinner. During this period, Lingling went to the toilet twice and called Xiaoxu: when you come, Ill take him there according to the position of a brick car given by Xiaoma. At half past six, I will open the location and share it with you. When you see me coming, dont call me, just take a brick and start. I have rope in my bag.

After dinner, Lingling and Ding said that they would have a good talk, and then they went to the riverside where the pony sent them. After a few minutes, Xu came, but Ding didnt find him. Until old Ding moves to Lingling, Xu rushes to kick him down, then kneels and rides on him, slaps him in the face, hits him with his fist, and even sprays hot pepper water. Old Ding shouts and covers his eyes and lies on the ground. Xiaoxu then strangled laoding by using the cloth strip prepared in advance by Lingling, and smashed him with a stone, causing laoding to drown and die

After the crime, Xiaoxu told Xiaoma that laoding was beaten half dead by him, and then slipped into the river and drifted away. On the evening of February 26, 2019, a man rowed a boat to fish in the river, only to find the body and call the police. According to the police, Lao Ding died of mechanical asphyxia caused by drowning after head injury caused by blunt force.

The reporter of Modern Express learned that the relatives of Xiaoxu and Xiaoma reached a mediation agreement on civil compensation with laodings relatives respectively. Laodings relatives expressed their understanding on their behaviors and asked the court to lenient punishment for them.

Thats what the court said

The court held that Lingling, Xiaoxu and Xiaoma deliberately and illegally deprived other peoples lives, resulting in the death of one person. Their actions have constituted intentional homicide, which is a joint crime. Although old Ding was not beaten to death by Lingling and Xiao Xu directly, old Ding climbed into the water to avoid being beaten by two people, and the two people had been squatting on the bank, which eventually led to old Ding drowning. Xiaoma is aware of Lingling and Xiaoxu. On the day of the crime, he knew that they were going to kill laoding. He went to check the location of the crime and made a video to send it.

The court also held that Lao Ding had his own marriage and family, and had long maintained an improper relationship with Lingling. When Lingling proposed to end this kind of improper relationship, laoding threatened Lingling by publishing nude photos and informing Linglings relatives, and kept pestering, which made Linglings mind live and die. Laoding has obvious fault in this case.

After the trial, Lingling was sentenced to life imprisonment for intentional homicide and deprivation of political rights for life. Xiao Xu was sentenced to 11 years in prison for intentional homicide. The colt was sentenced to three years in prison for intentional homicide. (all the characters in the article are pseudonyms)

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