UNIQLO is the wardrobe of straight men in China

 UNIQLO is the wardrobe of straight men in China

Why Chinese men still dont know the Chinese characters

Its a worldwide problem to get Chinese men dressed!

Its true that Chinese men dont like to buy clothes, at least not as much as women. In 2018, the market size of womens wear in China is 999.1 billion, while that of mens wear is only 572.6 billion [4].

But there is an exception in mens wear, UNIQLO.

Chinese men especially love UNIQLO. In 2019, tmall released the double eleven mens clothing deal ranking, UNIQLO ranked first, GXG ranked second, and Taiping bird ranked third (of course, womens clothing trade volume UNIQLO was also the first).

At the same time, UNIQLO is listed in the list of 1 billion brands. The other three brands in this list are Nike, Adidas, and Antarctica. None of them are listed in the top 10 list of mens and womens wear. Therefore, it can be inferred that they are listed by selling shoes or other brands.

So the question is: why do Chinese men, who dont like buying clothes, especially like UNIQLO?

UNIQLO is the wardrobe of Chinese men

In the field of mens wear, todays UNIQLO can basically be said to be seeking defeat alone, holding Chinese men in their own hands.

China is UNIQLOs fastest growing and most active region [1]. From 2018 to 2019, UNIQLO Chinas operating revenue increased by 14.3% year-on-year to 502.5 billion yen (more than 30 billion yuan); its operating profit increased by 20.8% year-on-year to 89 billion yen.

UNIQLOs revenue is amazing. UNIQLO did not announce the sales volume of mens wear in China, so even if we assume that mens wear only accounts for one fifth of UNIQLOs income, UNIQLO can still take 6 billion yuan from Chinese mens wallet.

Not only did UNIQLO rob Chinese mens wallets on the double 11, but it also co branded with various animes, superheroes and fashion brands to produce various peripherals, striving to fill the wardrobe of Chinese boys all year round

As mentioned above, GXG is the second brand with the turnover of tmall double 11 mens wear. In the first half of 2019, GXG mens clothing revenue is only 1 / 10 of our hypothetical UNIQLO 6 billion mens clothing revenue [5].

The few brands that can compete with UNIQLO are probably Jack Jones and Slade from Ayana China. However, it is difficult to discuss Aya Chinas failure to disclose sales and profits.

In general, it cant be said that Chinese men only wear UNIQLO, but there are a large number of Chinese men wearing UNIQLO.

Twenty years ago, UNIQLO might not have thought that it could achieve such a great success in China.

UNIQLOs first Chinese store opened in Shanghai in September 2002 [14].

UNIQLOs store volume and sales volume in China have experienced rapid expansion

But at that time, the brands that swept the market were sports brands, or brands like Metersbonwe, which had experienced brilliant growth for more than ten years.

Later, you may know the story. From 2012 to 2014, more than 3000 stores of sportswear brands were closed. Bosden closed about 5000 stores by 2015 [15].

UNIQLO has gradually gained popularity, and has become the foreign clothing brand with the highest sales volume in 2018 [2].

This has nothing to do with the entry of fast fashion. Fast fashion, basic style and other fashion concepts are widely spread on social media.

In UNIQLO basic down jacket, you may even wear the same one as Wu Yifan

The previous generation is still wearing suits and sportswear, and this generation cant stand such aesthetic clothes.

Whats more, many occupations in this era do not require white-collar workers to go to work in suits and shoes, nor do they require white-collar workers to exercise more. Suits and sportswear are more or less out of time, and leisure clothing began to rise.

When I was a child, what I was most fascinated by was why Lu Tao, the hero in the TV drama struggle, had to put up the collar of the polo shirt. I dont know if it would show a short neck

These are exactly the products provided by UNIQLO.

According to the latest annual report of UNIQLO, what UNIQLO sells very well in mainland China are ut printing series and elastic pants [2]. UT printing series includes T-shirt and sweater, and elastic pants are elastic pants with spandex added to the ingredients.

UNIQLO products are comfortable and easy to handle.

UNIQLO not only develops fast drying fabrics, but also machine washable sweaters. The disadvantage of UNIQLO is that there are not many styles, and there will not be too many patterns.

But this defect is no longer a defect when it comes to Chinese men.

Why is UNIQLO cost-effective

Although it is positioned as fast fashion, UNIQLOs strategy is different from that of Zara and H & M.

UNIQLO is the main basic model, focusing on fabric and function, with high single output, low update frequency and more affordable.

As the spokesman of UNIQLO and the wife of all Chinese men, Xinyuan has made great contributions to the promotion of basic models

Zara and H & M have more styles, lower unit production and faster update frequency. The brands that follow the basic style strategy also include Giordano and bosilon [8, 9, 16].

Basic style, in a sense, is also lack of personality.

But East Asians, it seems, do not want to wear so much personality, even in this so-called show personality era.

According to a cross-border survey, Chinese consumers think that functionality and comfort are more important, while Canada thinks that clothing style is more important [13].

Influenced by collectivism culture, Chinese consumers are restrained from self-expression:

UNIQLOs sales and profits in China, Japan and South Korea are more successful than those in Europe and the United States, which also shows this [2,14].

And UNIQLO has a secret weapon - color. UNIQLO offers a wider selection of colors than Zara and H & M [6].

Liu Jingzheng did not explain the reason, but stressed that consumers should be given more choices [7].

In fact, when we buy the same clothes, it reduces the probability of color contrast.

Even if you all meet in the same subway workshop wearing polar fleece, you can at least avoid the embarrassment of color bump

UNIQLO has a single style and a single upstream supplier. UNIQLO can not only improve the premium capacity, but also enhance the scale effect of the supply chain from the front to the back.

The Chinese also often compare Muji with UNIQLO. Like UNIQLO, MUJI products are simple and neutral in style, and the store is neat and clean.

The difference between Muji store atmosphere and UNIQLO is the difference between Lisa Ono and cilantro Huaze

But the logic of Muji and UNIQLO is totally different.

The pursuit of MUJI products is simple, natural, organic and less bleaching. MUJI will not be able to offer clothes in as many colors as UNIQLO.

Although many people say that the style of Mujis clothes is even worse than UNIQLOs, I really want to Amway Mujis Cape button wool overcoat, which is high in wool content and invincible in warmth preservation. It has been worn for three or four years without deformation and has high cost performance

The reduced dyeing process does reduce the cost, but there are many kinds of products provided by MUJI products, and the sources and suppliers of raw materials are also very wide. They involve in the upstream manufacturers of many kinds of products, which costs more energy and reduces the scale benefit [12].

But we can often see all kinds of Spanish original Zara on a treasure, which may only be domestic brand

UNIQLO is very smart. In the past, it chose to process in China with cheap labor. Now, it is transferring its production to Southeast Asia [8].

All of these make UNIQLO extremely cost-effective, which is exactly what the Chinese want.

UNIQLO, catching the mans heart

In Japan, UNIQLO mens wear is more successful than womens wear. UNIQLO accounts for 5.5% of Japans overall market, 3.9% of womens market and 8.9% of mens market [11].

UNIQLO China lacks public data on mens and womens wear, but similar results are likely. In addition to the high cost performance of UNIQLO, it may also be related to the shopping experience of UNIQLO.

UNIQLO really knows men. Its characterized by sincere discount and free choice of clothes in UNIQLO stores.

Every time UNIQLO hangs a red discount sign, its like new year in the eyes of our loyal fans. Discount is to make money. 50% discount is to round it up!

Anthropologists have a lot of concerns about the shopping behavior of men versus women, such as the following:

1. Women regard shopping as entertainment, while men regard shopping as need;

2. Womens shopping is driven by possibility, while mens shopping is driven by purpose;

4. Women prefer to buy appearance products than men;

5. The more leisure time women have, the easier it is for them to continue shopping [9].

Men buy and buy, all of which are utilitarian.

They buy for their needs, they pay attention to the types of products, shopping is convenient and fast [10].

Men are not as fond of buying various appearance products as women are, nor are they as fond of comparing goods with three. After the reputation of high quality and low price of UNIQLO was established, Chinese men directly chose UNIQLO.

One of the most comfortable things about UNIQLO is that there are no annoying salesmen pitching their clothes to you.

Here you can enjoy every art from UNIQLO as quietly as visiting a museum, without annoying shopping guides to sell you clothes you dont want to buy

Liu Jing, founder of UNIQLO, said in his autobiography one win, nine failures that he had visited the United States and found that in the college life Association, there are all kinds of products, college students are free to choose and sell without interference, and they are very free [7].

I believe that many men will agree that shopping is a waste of time. Its better to play games if you have this time. They hate to go to the shop to try them on, compare them over and over again, and choose another one. Its too troublesome.

In conscience, which man is not moved to see such a picture? Its a mans shopping paradise. You can choose no color, but you cant see the difference anyway. You can buy a great pair of underwear with any two pieces (at least for five years)

And UNIQLOs clothes automatically have the effect of uniform size. There is no big mistake whether they are loose or tight.

The clothes of UNIQLO are basically casual clothes that people usually wear, most of which are similar to sports clothes.

u2014u2014Liu Jingzhengs one win, nine losses

Its good news for men that they dont have to go through complicated trials, mediate or bargain with shop assistants or bosses.

It has to be said that UNIQLOs winter sock wall is particularly cured, and it feels comfortable just by looking at the color

In fact, you can often see women buying clothes for their boyfriends and husbands in UNIQLO. Why is that?

Women may also take advantage of UNIQLO: its cheap and easy to take care of.

UNIQLO is meeting these conditions.

So, dont say that Chinese men have no taste in clothes. They chose UNIQLO. They chose low price and good quality. Isnt that the healthiest and normal taste?


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