Relax a moment: be happy! You will get one more months salary in 2020

 Relax a moment: be happy! You will get one more months salary in 2020

If you want to live a good life, dye garlic green.

As the saying goes, La Qi La Ba, freeze off your chin, you Yi friends pay attention to cold prevention and warmth, at night about people to drink porridge, the first working day of the New Year! Meizizi!!!

After asking for help, lets have a relaxing moment today.

It has been said that Laba is the year of the lunar new year. Its getting closer and closer. Everyone, have you saved enough money for the lunar new year?

Not enough students, the next day of the new year, I will tell you a good news.

In 2020, you will get one more months salary! I will not deceive you.

Because the Gregorian calendar year 2020 is a leap year, February has 29 days, and the whole year has 366 days, and the upcoming Lunar Year of gengzi mouse is also a leap year, there is a leap April, that is, two April!

Net friend: its TMs turn to celebrate my babys birthday on February 29

According to the calendar, in 2020, there will be an extra month in the lunar calendar, of course, there will be an extra months salary! (FOG) screenshot for divination! Look at the new years luck!!! Good luck!

In other words, the girls will have another months holiday, the social animals will have another months class, and the students will have another months study. I cant laugh

Year of the rat, you stole my holiday!

Lets be serious. You can have two birthdays this year. Happy birthday in advance~

There is no place to go for your birthday. Please go to Haidilao to make sure you die on the spot.

Friendship tips, never let Haidilao know your birthday! Dont let Haidilao know your birthday! Dont let Haidilao know your birthday! Especially for social terrorists, the happy atmosphere on the spot is comparable to public punishment, which can embarrass you under the table.

Once Haidilao knows your birthday, they will take out all kinds of tools to help you celebrate, sing and dance.

All kinds of flashcards, all kinds of damn! Wonderful! The adjectives of shame can be used on you.

You are the whole restaurant, the most awkward kid

In other words, apart from the fact that Haidilao cant have children, is there anything else?

You see how happy the childs face is

One on one coaching! Happy are you, little friend. The money is worth

Even if Haidilao is good in every way, its a secret in every way, but its service has gone wrong recently.

At the end of last year... I used words for a long time, in fact, just last week

A woman and a friend from Hefei, Anhui Province, went to Haidilao for dinner. Their guide dog was refused entry by Haidilao staff. The woman said that the guide dog belongs to the work dog and has a certificate. According to relevant regulations, it can enter and exit public places, but it is still refused. Several days later, the store manager said the training was not in place and apologized.

Guide dog is a working dog. There is a reason to serve disabled people anytime and anywhere. However, many people feel that it is not good to eat with the dog. Blind people need the help of guide dogs, but also need more understanding and help from the society.

In the service industry, sometimes you really need to use your brain.

I dont know who in the island country has designed such a thing. Its a little exciting to say that the round dot, hip and human shaped bench near the Japanese TV station.

The Japanese really..... Its really neon!

Its not good to overdo everything.

But I dont know the following thing. It seems excessive, but its not.

The year before yesterday, sun Xiangbo, a drugstore owner in Shenyang, broke 12 ribs of a woman who fainted in her own store while undergoing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Mrs. Qi sued sun Xiangbo to the court and claimed nearly ten thousand yuan for hospitalization expenses and disability compensation. On December 31, 2019, more than two years after the incident, the court decided to reject the plaintiffs claim of Lao Tai Qi, and Sun Bo did not need compensation!

Do you think that Mr. Sun should pay compensation for breaking the old mans ribs?

Of course, I will pay for the broken ribs! This ten thousand must be paid! But if someone saves your life, its worth half a million dollars. If you give them another forty-nine thousand, its even.

If you dont save your life, you may claim 500000 yuan from him. If you save your life, you may claim 10000 yuan again. Anyway, its your fault whether you do it or not! Its hard to be a good person.

Ribs important life important? How can I still not understand this account? Afraid of breaking your ribs, can you hammer your chest with a small fist?

When I was at school, my teacher said that CPR was very strong. Some old peoples ribs were as crispy as biscuits, and they would definitely fold them. You have to recover your heart rate before you study your ribs~

Money is something outside of us. This elder brother proves this sentence for us.

Recently, a driver in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, inspected the axle with 8000 yuan cash as a brick pad wheel in the expressway service area. When he left, he forgot the cash on the ground. He didnt think of it until he drove on the highway. He was so anxious that he immediately got off the highway and went back to look for it. Eight thousand yuan of cash was not lost, but was poured into the trash can by the cleaning aunt, finally, all the money was found.

On the first day of the new year, the competition is so fierce?

I really care about money, but Im really a local hero. I dont think Ill go back to look for money. So the cleaning Auntie is the one who regards money as floating clouds.

Is aunt cleaning the kind of local tyrant with several buildings, because it is too idle to work and spend time?

However, the eldest brother is also lucky. The mood of recovery is better than picking up money.

People often say that money is not omnipotent. Now they finally know that money can be used as bricks. Its a step closer to omnipotent.

Recently, there was another person who made a mistake because of money. A few days ago, a theft happened to an enterprise in Hangzhou. The safe with 1.2 million yuan of cash in the financial room was pried open and a large amount of cash was stolen. The stolen safe is located on the fourth floor of the enterprise. Because the enterprise is going to pay wages, the enterprise has put 1.2 million cash in the safe, 100000 yuan in a bundle, a total of 12 bundles. Police found that the thieves took 270000 yuan of it, and 930000 yuan of cash was left at the scene. A bundle of 100000 yuan of cash was cut specially. Suspect in front of the safe tangled, said to do bad people can not do too great!

Dont do all the good things. Dont do all the bad things. What he said seems reasonable. Theres nothing to say for a while~~~

Maybe the truth is that you cant move all the money?????

Or theres another possibility. Maybe I dont think Ill be found if I only take two piles. Thats how I stole my parents money when I was a child. I only stole 20 yuan for 100 yuan.

But the thief has a way? Its all nonsense. Stealing is stealing!

Good people dont do it, bad is not thorough, but in the final analysis, its also bad ~ but its expected to change. I hope we can make a good transformation in prison!

In fact, many men are born rappers, because they like to talk. Why are you angry again? What did I do wrong again? How to buy again?

Are you right~

A 7-year-old boy in the United States accidentally swallowed airpod and was hospitalized. The doctor found the location of airpod by X-ray, indicating that it will come out by itself in a few days. The boys mother said the headset was the boys Christmas gift, but the boy now asked to stay away from his mobile phone, which he was worried about playing music in his stomach.

Its a little sad but funny!

Now I know how walking CD comes. Bluetooth headset plays music wirelessly~

Finally, its a piece of news about foreign countries. A basketball fans familiar with the old hole, and we say goodbye forever.

David Stern, a former president who has been at the helm of NBA 30 years, died on the 1st local time at the age of 77, according to several US media reports. On December 13, 19, stern, 77, had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and was sent to hospital for emergency operation. Stern officially became president of the NBA on February 1, 1984, and resigned on January 31, 2014.

David Stern, what a familiar name. He has been president of NBA for 30 years. During that time, he vigorously promoted NBA globalization and achieved great achievements. People all over the world know this top sports event of NBA. David Sterns death, said to mark the end of an era in the NBA, is not too much.

Its him who has pulled into the distance between China and NBA and left a good memory for my school days. Lets go all the way!

Its hard for you, teacher~

Scan the QR code, and you can talk to the teacher

A, B and C all wore dresses to the wedding. One of the skirts they wear is flower, the other is white, the other is blue. I only know that C didnt wear a blue skirt, and a didnt wear a blue skirt or a flower skirt.

Last answer up:

Chinese New Years steamed bread, steamed bread cooked why take fork inserted?

Please mix Tucao language.

Tucao UP!

Who do you admire more about the two netizens Tucao?

Years make us old!

The joke is a little short.

Well written.

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