The death of the chief of staff of the Taiwan Army

 The death of the chief of staff of the Taiwan Army

In addition, the temporary agent of Shen Yiming has been identified - Liu Zhibin, former chief bodyguard of Cai Yingwen.

According to the current Taiwan military system, the post of chief of staff will be represented by General Liu Zhibin, deputy chief of staff and executive officer. As for the official candidates, they will have to wait for Cai Yingwen to release.

Cai Yingwens map

The governor of Changan Street (wechat ID: capital News) noted that Liu Zhibin was born in 1962 and has been serving in Taiwans Navy. He once served as captain, Captain, chief of staff of Naval Fleet Command, deputy chief of staff of naval command and chief of staff of naval command.

After Tsai ing Wen took office in 2016, Liu Zhibin was chosen as his first chief bodyguard.

Liu Zhibin continued to be promoted to commander of the Naval Fleet Command and deputy commander of the naval command after the chief of the guard was appointed. On April 1, 2019, he became the deputy chief of staff and executive officer of Taiwan army and was promoted to general.

Liu Zhibins data map

Last year, Taiwan authorities exposed a scandal of smuggling cigarettes by special plane, and Zhang Jie, Liu Zhibins successor, was removed from the post of chief bodyguard.

According to Taiwan media, Liu Zhibin also had the problem of smuggling cigarettes by special plane during his term of office, smuggling 342 cigarettes in June 2016 and 2242 cigarettes in October 2017, a total of 2584 cigarettes.

Similarly, Zhang Jie was forced to quit his job for smuggling cigarettes, while Liu Zhibin rose step by step. In response, Taiwan media once said that Liu Zhibin should step down if the same standards are followed.

A Black Hawk helicopter from Taiwan was forced to land in the Wuli mountain area of Xinbei city on the morning of the 2nd, according to a previous report by the governor of Changan Street (wechat ID: capital News). At present, eight people including Shen Yiming, the chief of staff, are known to have died and five survived.

Black Hawk helicopter crash scene. Source: CCTV

A black hawk UH-60M helicopter took off from Songshan Airport at 7:50 a.m. on the morning of Tuesday and is expected to leave for Yilan Dongao. There are 13 people on board, including the crew. It disappeared on the radar screen at 8:20, and then made a forced landing in the mountainous area between Xinbei and Yilan.

Taiwan media reported that Shen Yimings body was transported down the mountain at about 6 p.m. that day, and was escorted by his wife and family members to the Third Army General Hospital by ambulance.

Source: Taiwan media

As for the five survivors, four of them have been going down the mountain, and another one is on the way down.

The search and rescue personnel said that due to the continuous rain and mud in Yilan and the echo from the valley, the location of the crash was not found until 1:00 p.m. after the search and rescue for two and a half hours. When they arrived, four people had already escaped by themselves, while Shen Yiming was stuck in the engine room. The Black Hawk helicopter folded back and forth, causing a terrible twist.

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Data map of Shen Yiming