Exposure of take-off and landing pictures of domestic carrier aircraft

 Exposure of take-off and landing pictures of domestic carrier aircraft

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Handsome! Image exposure of taking off and landing of Shandong ship: J-15 leaps to starboard 17 (source: video synthesis)

A spokesman for the Ministry of defense once said that the location of the aircraft carriers home was determined according to the Navy construction, aircraft carrier development plan and relevant conditions. According to the analysis, the deployment of domestic aircraft carrier in Sanya will play a role of sea god needle in maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea in the future.

Ren Guoqiang, a spokesman for the Ministry of national defense, said at a regular press conference in November that where the Chinese navy will deploy aircraft carriers is determined by national security threats and national defense needs. It has nothing to do with the regional situation or any specific target, country or region.

Li Jie, a military expert, told Global Times global.com that the South China Sea area is more suitable for aircraft carrier formation activities, which can go out of the Western Pacific Ocean in the East and into the Indian Ocean in the West. It is an ideal sea area for aircraft carrier formation to improve the capability of military attack and non war military operations, and at the same time, it can directly safeguard the national maritime rights and interests.

The farthest part of the South China Sea is to Zengmu Misha, which is more than 2000 kilometers away from the mainland. Land based aircraft can arrive, but it is difficult to maintain the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the South China Sea effectively due to the short time left in the air. Now the domestic aircraft carrier is deployed in Sanya, which can guarantee the carriers continuous cruise to the South China Sea and enhance the maintenance of the sovereignty of the South China Sea.

At present, Shandong warship is one of the most advanced aircraft carriers in the world, mainly due to the late construction time, and the most advanced and mature shipborne equipment can be used. However, Shandong warship is not the target ship of the Chinese Navy, and its construction has the role of connecting the preceding and the following. When Chinas new generation aircraft carrier is completed and put into service in the future, we will be closer to the first echelon.

Shandong ship dressed in Xiaguang docked in the harbor dignified atmosphere is too beautiful

Recently, China military network released three photos of the first domestic aircraft carrier, Shandong. It can be seen that the shining Shandong ship docked at the port, showing the world a dignified atmosphere posture.