Aunt stole five times in a row in the same supermarket: not bad money is just cant help it

 Aunt stole five times in a row in the same supermarket: not bad money is just cant help it

u25b3 the old woman steals five times in ten days. The stolen snacks are worthless snacks. Suzhou Changshu police provide pictures

In December 2019, Zhangqiao police station received an alarm from a supermarket staff in its jurisdiction. The other side said that things were often lost in the supermarket in the near future, so the public video was retrieved and it was found that the trace of a aunt was very suspicious. Due to her skillful action and relaxed manner, the police speculated that she might not be the first time to commit the crime.

According to the reserved public video, the aunt frequently visited the supermarket from November 21 to November 30, 2019, and carried out five consecutive thefts.

Subsequently, the police summoned the suspect Zhang (pseudonym) to Zhang Qiao police station for questioning, and Zhang confessed to his theft.

To the polices surprise, Zhangs family was not poor in economic conditions, and they stole nothing of value, such as sausages and biscuits. According to Zhang, after she walked along for the first time, she was not found, so she had a fluke mentality and gradually became addicted to stealing, so she stared at the family and stole five times in a row.

The reporter of Modern Express learned that although the amount involved in the case was not large, Zhang had been detained by the administration at present, because of the fact that Zhang had stolen many times in a short period of time and the nature was relatively bad.

On December 11, a theft occurred in an enterprise in Hangzhou. The safe box containing 1.2 million yuan of cash in the financial room was pried open and a large amount of cash was stolen. The stolen safe is located on the fourth floor of the enterprise. Because the enterprise is going to pay wages, the enterprise has put 1.2 million cash in the safe, 100000 yuan in a bundle, a total of 12 bundles. Police found that the thieves took 270000 yuan of it, and 930000 yuan of cash was left at the scene. A bundle of 100000 yuan of cash was cut specially.