44 black eagles of Taiwan Army grounded for inspection: 14 of 30 aerial rescue teams of the army

 44 black eagles of Taiwan Army grounded for inspection: 14 of 30 aerial rescue teams of the army

The picture shows 8 people killed in the Black Hawk helicopter accident of Taiwan Air Force (source: Taiwan media)

Overseas network, Jan. 2 (Xinhua) - a Black Hawk helicopter in Taiwan forced to land in the Wuli mountain area of Xinbei city on the morning of Jan. 2. At present, eight people, including Shen Yiming, the chief of staff of the Taiwan army, are known to have died and five survived. According to the Central News Agency, due to the crash of the UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter, Taiwanese military personnel said that in order to be cautious, a total of 44 Black Hawk helicopters in Taiwan had been grounded in an all-round way, and would carry out systematic inspection on control, radar, power, structure, etc.

According to Taiwans military, excluding 15 Black Hawks belonging to the Air Force headquarters of the internal affairs department (one was wrecked in Lanyu, Japan, with 14 left), Taiwans military currently has 44 Black Hawk helicopters, 30 in the army and 15 in the air force rescue team (one was wrecked, with 14 left).

S-70C helicopter and EC-225 helicopter are currently responsible for rescue work, the report said.

According to Taiwan media, the UH-1H helicopter, which has been in service for 50 years, was decommissioned on October 30, 2019. In the past 20 years, there have been many major accidents. In March 2003, the UH-1H helicopter, No. nfa-901, from the Preparatory Office of the air fire brigade of the Fire Department of the Ministry of the interior, took off at the apron beside the Zhushan observation platform. The tail rotor hit the treetop and fell, causing 2 deaths and 5 serious injuries.

In addition, on April 3, 2007, a UH-1H helicopter crash occurred in the 601st brigade of the aviation special operations command of the Taiwan army, resulting in the death of seven officers and one Sergeant commander on board. During the Morakot storm on August 8, 2009, the UH-1H helicopter with the number of na-502 of the Air Force headquarters crashed on the left bank of ailiaobei River in the west of the IRA tribe, killing three crew members.

Photo shows ah-64e Apache helicopter falling to the top of residential building (source: Taiwan media)

Since 2007, Taiwans Defense Department has purchased 30 ah-64e Apache helicopters, but on April 25, 2014, they crashed outside the base and crashed on the roof of the residential building in Longtan, Taoyuan city. As a result, they were finally scrapped, leaving only 29 ah-64e Apache helicopters in the 601 brigade of Taiwans army.

In addition, a UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter of the air force crashed outside Lanyu on February 5, 2018 while carrying out a patient evacuation mission, killing all 6 people on board.

The picture shows the six deaths of Black Hawk helicopter in Lanyu (source: Taiwan media)

An s-70cm2 anti submarine helicopter of the Taiwan Navy fell into the sea on October 19, 2005 while performing the training of landing warships at night outside Zuoying military port; an S-70C anti submarine helicopter of the Taiwan Navy No. 2321 fell into the sea during the routine training outside Hualien on October 22, 2008, causing 1 death, 2 injuries and 2 missing; an s70c-6 seagull helicopter of the Taiwan Air Force rescue team No. 7017 fell into the sea on March 27, 2012 During the mission, 5 people died when they fell into the sea in the southeast of Lanyu.

The picture shows the data of Black Hawk helicopter

It is understood that Sikorsky UH-60 medium utility helicopter (in English: Sikorsky UH-60 medium utility helicopter, named Black Hawk by the US Army) is a four rotor, dual engine, medium-sized general helicopter designed and produced by Sikorsky Aircraft Company for the US Army in the 1970s.

The UH-60 Black Hawk has derived many models and versions, such as the U.S. Marine Corps transport helicopter Nighthawk, the U.S. Air Force Special Operations aircraft pavehawk, the Australian armed helicopter battle Hawk, the U.S. Navy anti submarine / transport helicopter Seahawk, etc.

In addition to the United States, more than 20 countries and regions have purchased UH-60. These export models are generally called S-70 helicopters (Sikorsky company number). The UH-60 has become one of the largest helicopters in the world with its production capacity of more than 4500 so far.

According to reports, during Chen Shui Bians reign, the Taiwan Army purchased 60 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters from Sikorsky company (now incorporated into Lockheed Martin group) of the United States with Tianyuan project and equipped with advanced avionics system. The unit price of each helicopter is about 20 million US dollars (about 140 million RMB), together with logistics maintenance, personnel training, spare parts and accessories, random weapons, etc. the total expenditure is about NT $84.6 billion RMB 19.6 billion. The Black Hawk helicopter began to deliver aircraft in 2015, and completed the battle force on October 31, 2019.

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