Taiwans Black Hawk falls and Taiwans generals who know the most about fighting against the mainland?

 Taiwans Black Hawk falls and Taiwans generals who know the most about fighting against the mainland?

In the morning of the second day in 2020, the Black Hawk falls in Taiwan.

This American made Black Hawk helicopter has not fallen for the first time in Taiwan. But the most striking part of the accident was the senior members of the Taiwan army in the helicopter.

Among them, Taiwans chief of staff Shen Yiming appeared in the death list.

This is the real power figure of the Taiwan army. It is said that he may be one of the most knowledgeable of Taiwans active generals in fighting on the mainland at present.

In fact, the crashed UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter has always been a very proud American made artifact in Taiwans military community.

After the crash, a Taiwanese netizen finally couldnt help complaining on the PTT Forum: how can American Dad sell us this kind of thing?


Ulai district is located in the south end of Xinbei City, at the junction with Yilan.

There are many mountains and forests here. Every winter, it is always wet, cold and foggy.

On the second day of the new year, a Black Hawk helicopter takes off from Taipeis Songshan Airport. The senior military officers on the helicopter are preparing the new years condolences plan.

The weather is not unusual. This is the last word from the Black Hawk helicopter.

8: 22 points, it disappeared in radar surveillance. It was only 37 minutes before it took off.

Rescue photos released by Taiwan authorities later showed that the main part of the helicopter was distorted in the cloud forest, and the wing was almost fragmented. Dozens of rescuers are searching the debris for survivors.

There are still two or three people stuck in the cockpit and there is a sound, one surviving officer told the rescuers with fear

A few hours later, Taiwans Ministry of defense confirmed that eight people died and five survived. The victims included a general and two major generals, the most important of which was Shen Yiming, the head of the Taiwan military and the chief of staff.

Tsai said it was the death of the highest level general in history for his work, while the DPP announced that it would suspend the campaign for three days.

One day ago, Taiwan just passed the reverse osmosis law, and nine days later, Taiwan will hold a presidential election.

The plane crash is a tragedy, and it seems to be a metaphor - the Black Hawk flying from the United States, falling into the misty forest at this time.


Hes probably one of the most knowledgeable people in Taiwan about fighting on land.

Some people describe Shen Yiming like this.

When he was the Air Force Commander of Taiwan, one of his important roles was to strengthen the contact and communication with the U.S. Indian Pacific Command. Although he has just taken over as chief of staff for only half a year, Shen Yiming, 62, is a real power figure in Taiwans military community.

His most often mentioned experience in the media is that when he was an F-5 fighter pilot of the Taiwan Air Force in his early years, he went to the Middle East on a secret mission. For a year, Shen Yiming, a member of Taiwans military cooperation program with Saudi Arabia, was sent to northern Yemen on a secret mission.

Shen Yiming is the only active member of Taiwan who has participated in this task.

In addition, he was also the seed instructor of Taiwans first mirage-2000 fighters. He went to France and the United States for driving training and flew three main fighters of the Taiwan air force. A military expert told Taojie that the main hypothetical target of the Taiwanese army is the PLA. The Taiwanese soldiers have been pondering this matter all their lives. If Shen Yiming can achieve this position, the Taiwanese army must be outstanding. His death will cause heavy losses to the Taiwan Armys combat training.

As soon as the news of his Black Hawk crash came out, Taiwan netizens immediately fried the pot.

Some people were shocked: the chief of staff is the real head of the army... Didnt Black Hawk just buy it for a long time? Its time to check!

Some people may be guilty: the reverse osmosis method passed, and suddenly crashed, its too strange! Is this a conspiracy of CO espionage? The chief of staff is very big...

More people are worried about the combat effectiveness of Taiwans military: does Taiwan really dare to fight against the mainland? The death rate is very high without fighting. Spend money to buy a bunch of weapons from the United States, thats the strength.

Others said: Tsai ing Wens achievements + 1.

Some analysts told Taojie that the crash may have a negative impact on Tsai ing Wens campaign. If the DPP wants to play any tricks when the election is fierce, Im afraid that after this, the operation space will be smaller.


Many people will be curious about the cause of the Black Hawk fall of the Taiwan army?

Military experts told brother Dao that the investigation results have not been published yet, and it is not easy for us to judge, but there are several points for sure. Black Hawk is a newly purchased aircraft of the army, and it must be a trained person who drives the aircraft. The weather is very good, the distance is very close, there are many important people on the aircraft, and it must be the best pilot, the best route planning, the best guarantee, the most thorough route calculation u3002

With these four maxims in mind, there are finally such accidents, which, of course, can explain the problems existing in the training and management of the Taiwan army from one side.

There are only more than 80 kilometers. First, there may be problems in the selection of planned routes, second, there may be problems in the departure time, and there may be loopholes in the air traffic control. If it is an aircraft fault, then it is probably a maintenance problem and an aircraft fault inspection problem.

Experts said that because this is a very mature model, it is an old model and a new aircraft, which has been listed and installed for 40 years. Up to now, the US military is still improving it, indicating that the reliability is very high. If it is a local micro meteorological problem, it means that it is a problem of range monitoring and organization and command level. There is also the fact that the pilots are too arrogant to follow the operation manual, which is the management problem. All of these can fully explain the problem. According to the expert, this incident is very big, which can only be compared with the heroic events in the history of Taiwan army.

From the past experience, the helicopter crash is basically related to the environment, climate conditions, human operation, mechanical components and other factors. Some retired military helicopter pilots said that the difficulty of flying a rotorcraft is not lower than that of a fixed wing aircraft. To become a rotorcraft pilot, he must also pass basic flight training of the air force official school and have flight qualification.

Because the helicopter flies slowly and low, and moves slowly, unlike fighter and transport aircraft, it is an aircraft with poor static stability. To play a very popular metaphor is like a person standing on a big ball, not only to maintain balance, but also to roll the ball to where he wants to go.

The retired helicopter pilot said that, for example, straight-line flight subject, it is not easy to do in practice, and even senior pilots can not guarantee to be perfect. The reason is that rotorcraft is easy to be affected by air flow, wind direction and wind speed. In addition, the usual vibration of rotorcraft and the shadow caused by rotor rotation will bring difficulties to many pilots physical feelings and visual interpretation.

The accident was not the first time that the UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter had an accident in Taiwan.

The last time occurred on February 5, 2018, a UH-60M helicopter (No. na-706) was dispatched by the air service team to Lanyu to pick up the patients. The helicopter fell into the sea less than 3 minutes after taking off at 23:00 p.m. that day, including the pilot, CO pilot, mechanic, patient, patients family and nursing staff, all of whom were killed.


In fact, before American Dad sold Black Hawk helicopter to Taiwan army, he also fell a lot.

As one of the most famous 10 ton general helicopters in the world, the Black Hawk helicopter is well-known for its performance in the battlefield and its role in the military of various countries.

Since its service in the late 1970s, Black Hawk has successively derived more than ten different models and successfully exported them to several countries and regions. According to incomplete statistics, over the past 40 years, more than 4000 military / civilian models of Black Hawk series helicopters have been produced.

Black Hawk after 40 years still maintain strong vitality, but at the beginning of service, this kind of helicopter has not been less wrong.

In the four years from 1981 to 1984, there were 16 crashes of Black Hawk series helicopters, resulting in 22 deaths. This series of accidents even made the U.S. military have some fear of the Black Hawk, and once ordered all the Black Hawk to stop flying for rectification.

However, Black Hawk has been improved several times later, and its design is very advanced. Therefore, after experiencing the early stumbling, the number of accidents of Black Hawk series helicopters due to technical problems and mechanical failures has gradually decreased. A considerable part of these crashes are caused by human error.

Among them, in 1993, a Black Hawk of Minnesota National Guard collided with another aircraft during the flight, resulting in the death of five members of the guard.

In April 1994, two U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters crashed during a mission in northern Iraq. But the accident was mainly caused by the two black eagles who broke into the no fly zone by mistake and were shot down by the F-15 patrolling the zone as a hostile target. The accident, which killed 26 people, was the deadliest of all Black Hawk helicopter accidents.

In addition, there are also examples of Black Hawk helicopter being shot down in the battlefield. The most famous one is Somalia, which was later made into the film Black Hawk falling.

Therefore, from the fall of Black Hawk, we can see that any so-called star weapon is not perfect, and its reliability cannot be foolproof. Looking back at the clamour of some Taiwan media and defense experts when the Black Hawk became a military in Taiwan in 2017, its really ridiculous.

In December 2017, Taiwan military purchased 60 Black Hawk helicopters from the United States to declare its military success. At that time, some military experts in the island clamored that the Black Hawk helicopter team was an important combat force in response to the PLAs landing operations, and this kind of helicopter could provide logistical assistance for the Taiwan Armys attack helicopters..

The Taiwan military claims that the Black Hawk helicopter can carry out air assault, casualty evacuation, material delivery, military hanging, battlefield rescue and air command and other tasks according to the different battlefield environment, and is equipped with advanced avionics system. In the future, it will continue to train and refine various flight and maintenance skills, build the armys high-quality combat power, and become the most powerful barrier to safeguard the security of the Taiwan Strait One .

Brother Dao wants to ask these people, once the mainland decides to liberate Taiwan by force, do you think these black eagles can become barriers?

Source: Bu Yidao / Hua Daodao & Hu Yidao

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