The man testing his wifes feelings turns himself in to ask the police: cant

 The man testing his wifes feelings turns himself in to ask the police: cant

According to Shapingba branch of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, a drunk driving man recently surrendered to the police and asked the police to lock him up. There is a wonderful reason behind this.

At about 12:30 a.m. that day, the first brigade of the traffic patrol detachment of Shapingba District received the alarm. The police said they drove after drinking and hoped the police would punish them. Did someone ask for punishment? Police rushed to Hanyu road in Shapingba District and found the police officer Zhou Mou, who was driving a two wheeled motorcycle. Subsequently, police carried out an alcohol breath test on it, and the number of 47mg / 100ml was displayed on the tester, which really belonged to driving a motor vehicle after drinking.

According to Zhous own account, because of his business failure, his wife not only often quarrels with himself, but also is very indifferent to himself in life. He always feels that his wife has no feelings for him, and is in a very bad mood, so he goes out to drown his worries and vent his emotions. After drinking with friends that night, I drove a motorcycle from Xiaolongkan to Hanyu Road, got off the bus and called the police to surrender. I hope the police can lock myself up, so as to test whether my wife still cares about herself.

But to Zhous disappointment, according to Zhous personal situation and illegal behavior, the police did not notify the family members of the requirements and necessity, and did not meet the locked up punishment basis that Zhou wanted. Police told Zhou, drink driving is not the touchstone of marriage, with illegal behavior test marriage, will only make themselves more painful, more than worth the loss. Finally, Zhou was punished with 12 points for driving a motor vehicle after drinking, 6 months of suspension and a fine of 1000 yuan.

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