Passengers throw two yuan coins into the engine of the plane and pray is awarded 120000 yuan as compensation

 Passengers throw two yuan coins into the engine of the plane and pray is awarded 120000 yuan as compensation

The upstream news reporter learned from China judicial document network that recently, the peoples Court of Yixiu District, Anqing City, Anhui Province issued a judgment in the first instance. On February 17, 2019, Lu Mou, a passenger who threw coins at the aircraft engine at Tianzhushan airport, Anqing City, was awarded compensation of more than 123000 yuan by the court. Lu Mou, the party concerned, appealed after the first instance, but then withdrew the appeal.

u25b2 the passenger was fined more than 120000 yuan for throwing coins at the aircraft engine. Pictures from the Internet

Passengers said the airline didnt remind them

According to the Anqing police investigation, on February 17, 2019, during the boarding process of the 8l9960 flight from Anqing to Kunming, ground staff found two coins on the ground near the aircraft fuselage, and Xiangpeng Airlines immediately called the police station of Anqing airport.

After investigation, passenger Lu admitted that he threw two coins at the left engine of the plane when boarding. Lu was immediately controlled by the public security organs and further investigated.

Xiang Peng aviation later reported that in order to ensure flight safety, Xiang Peng aviation arranged maintenance personnel to Anqing for a comprehensive inspection of the aircraft engine, and the flight was cancelled on that day. At 6:00 a.m. on February 18, the engine overhaul was completed, and flight 8l9960 finally took off safely at 8:29 that day.

Police investigation found that when a 28 year old man, Lu Mou, was taking flight 8l9960 at Tianzhushan airport in Anqing, he thought throwing coins at the plane could pray for safety. During the boarding process, he threw two 1 yuan coins with his left hand in the direction of the planes fuselage. Lus coin throwing behavior led to the cancellation of the flight and the detention of all passengers in Anqing for 17 hours. He has been suspected of disturbing the normal production order of the airport and has been sentenced to 7 days of administrative detention.

On May 13, 2019, the peoples Court of Yixiu District, Anqing city held a court session to hear the case of Xiangpeng aviation suing passenger Lu for property damage compensation. Xiangpeng Airlines filed a lawsuit. Due to the coin throwing behavior of passenger Lu Mou, flight 8l9960 from Anqing to Kunming was cancelled on February 17, and all passengers of the flight were detained at the airport. After the incident, Xiangpeng Airlines needed to arrange troubleshooting and maintenance of the aircraft, and arranged overnight accommodation for passengers and supplementary flight to transport passengers. Therefore, a series of expenses, such as maintenance troubleshooting cost, passenger accommodation cost and passenger compensation cost, were incurred, totaling more than 123000 yuan.

The passenger Lu Mou argued that the compensation cost claimed by Xiangpeng Airlines is too high, the airline should arrange other flights to transport passengers in time to save the cost of passenger detention, and Lu Mous coin throwing behavior did not cause aircraft failure, and the maintenance cost proposed by Xiangpeng Airlines is too high; Lu Mou has been subject to administrative punishment because of his coin throwing behavior, and also realized that I hope the court can make a discretionary judgment on my own mistakes.

Lu also said that Lus education level was not high. It was the first time he took an airplane at the time of the incident. He didnt know that his behavior would cause serious consequences. The airport radio didnt broadcast notices to remind passengers. Xiangpeng airlines also made some mistakes in the incident.

The court awarded passenger compensation of more than 120000 yuan

The first instance of the peoples Court of Yixiu District, Anqing City confirmed the relevant facts, and confirmed that the maintenance and troubleshooting costs, passenger accommodation costs and other costs incurred by the passenger Lu Mous coin throwing behavior totaled more than 123000 yuan. According to the situation at the time of the incident and the rational judgment of normal people, the possibility of other coins falling into the fuselage or engine cannot be ruled out. In order to avoid major safety accidents, Xiangpeng aviation has rationality in troubleshooting and maintenance of the aircraft. The cost of maintenance and the compensation for the accommodation and food of the delayed passengers shall be borne by Lu Mou, the passenger. 123000 yuan proposed by Xiangpeng aviation Yu Yuans claim for compensation is supported by the court.

According to the upstream news reporter, since 2019, there have been many times in China when passengers threw coins at the aircraft engine to pray for blessings during the boarding process. Xiangpeng Airlines issued two consecutive issues on February 17 and March 10, 2019.

Xiangpeng aviation engineers told the media that the act of throwing coins at the aircraft engine would cause serious safety risks. As the core component and power source of the aircraft, engine is very important for the safety of the aircraft. Once the engine inhales coin like objects, the coin will first damage the external blade, and it will be broken into several particles, and continue to damage the internal blade, eventually leading to the damage of the whole engine, and even may cause engine failure and loss of power.

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